Crucial Blast

That one time at…Brewdle’s Bandcamp Besties!

We continue our kick around Bandcamp by highlighting five releases that have grabbed my attention since the last of these dribbles of mine. I’ve tried to cover a variety of styles so there’s something for everyone. Remember, all of these are available free for streaming, or you can download the albums for a modest fee. Get on board and support the bands and labels that are supporting you by providing their music on the Bandcamp platform.

Doomed & StonedThe Enchanter’s Ball (Second Anniversary Compilation) – sampler (released 14 July 2015 through Doomed & Stoned)

Overmars - Born Again (Crucial Blast)

Born Again, by Overmars, is a sludge of heavy gloom and despair, power and brute force, with no pause, no divisions of song one, then song two: a single-track journey through a sublimely abysmal soundscape.


Subarachnoid Space - Eight Bells (Crucial Blast)

Try to describe a moment under the effects of lysergic acid; as soon as your mind has fixed upon the words that may fit what you are trying to say, what was once crystal clear immediately is not - as you realise it is so much more and the words cannot possibly capture what you mean! This music is exactly like that. Enthralling. Captivating. Intoxicating. Words fail to capture or explain what this music is.

Still, I will try to explain this release, and perhaps if you find my descriptions intriguing enough you will listen to it and hear what I mean.