Ukrainian Metal

Kauan - Pirut (Blood Music)

A haunting combination of folk, electronica and funeral-doom, Kauan's Pirut is best listened to as one continuous song.
Release Date: 
13 Dec 2013 (All day)

Kauan’s Pirut slowly rises out of silence, a mix of electronic elements over atmospheric funeral-doom.

Munruthel – Epoch of Aquarius (Svarga Music / Gardarika Musikk)

Ukraine: Slava!

Originally titled Эпоха Водолея (Ukrainian for Epoch of Aquarius) and released in 2006, this re-release (the third album by Munruthel, ex – Nok

Sectorial – Erase and Reborn the Humanity (Metal Scrap Records)

Ukrainians grinding on grind.
Release Date: 
2 Apr 2012 - 12:30pm

Slavic band Sectorial shows off out of the blue a blend between grindcore and folk music.