Truth Corroded

Truth Corroded: Krisiun Support Confirmed

Krisiun announce support band for most of their Australian tour - sorry Perth fans and the Melbourne Ding Dong crowd, you miss out!

Truth Corroded are very pleased to announce they will be supporting Brazilian death metal legends and good mates Krisiun on the bands upc

Truth Corroded: New Management Deal Inked!

The Adelaide thrashers move from strength to strength...

Truth Corroded are pleased to announce that the band will be represented by Extreme Management Group, Inc. worldwide.

Truth Corroded's Jason North: "There is no better feeling than yelling SLAYER!!!! as loud as possible"...

When it comes to thrash, Jason North knows his onions, so we thought we'd better give him the chance to share his thoughts on the subject...

Truth Corroded have, over the last few years, forged a reputation for themselves as one of Australia's leading thrash outfits, so we really couldn't not involve them in our Metal Thrashing May acti

Truth Corroded: Asian Tour Dates Announced

Supporting The Black Dahlia Murder and Fleshgod Apocalypse!

Australian thrash/death act Truth Corroded are pleased to announce that the band will be touring Asia in April through May to promote the bands' latest album The Saviours Slain

Truth Corroded's Greg Shaw: "A VIP experience with us could result in psychological trauma"

Adelaide's Truth Corroded released a storming album, The Saviours Slain, in 2013, so we asked bassist Greg Shaw to fill us in on the rest of his year too...

Welcome Mr Shaw, and can I just say congratulations on a splendid new album! But I'm sure we'll hear more about that later! For now, how about the rest of 2013, musically? Good or bad?

My Dream Band: Greg Shaw from Truth Corroded

Mr Shaw has problems narrowing down his band members...

Welcome to the next installment of our enthralling My Dream Band Segment.

Truth Corroded: Guest Stars Announced For New Album

New album 'The Saviours Slain' to feature some big names...

Australian thrash/death metal act Truth Corroded are pleased to announce three guest artists for the bands upcoming album The Saviours Slain.

Truth Corroded To Support Fear Factory On Their Australian Tour

It’s been a very active year for TRUTH CORRODED...

Truth Corroded are pleased to announce that the band will be supporting the mighty Fear Factory on the bands upcoming Industrialist

Truth Corroded: "Come and have a beer with us - we won't kill you!"

Currently tearing Europe a new one, Truth Corroded are one of Australian metal's most incendiary exports...

Adelaide’s Truth Corroded are currently burning up the road on their first European Trek, so Metal as Fuck decided now might be a good time to have a bit of

Truth Corroded Announces First European Tour

A monster album deserves a monster your to promote it... this is it!

South Australian extreme thrashers Truth Corroded will kick off the New Year with the bands first ever tour of Europe.