Stratovarius Tour Australia - Two Exclusive Shows Only!

Never Before Has This Illustrious Finnish Power Metal Act Graced Australian Shores!

Stratovarius will be touring Australia for the very first time in their distinguished career.

Timo Tolkki talks Symfonia

Timo Tolkki's new power metal band Symfonia are old skool metal...big, hairy and epic...

Timo Tolkki (ex-guitarist with Stratovarius) has a new band and a new album. But he still went a bit nutty at Symfonia’s debut gig at t

Falconer - Armrod (Metal Blade/Riot)

Long-running Swedes finally hit the target by returning to their native tongue
Release Date: 
7 Jun 2011 (All day)

For me, Swedish act Falconer have always seemed like well-meaning no-hopers, also rans in a race they couldn’t hope to win when lined up against the real heavyweights of the

Symfonia - In Paradisum (Avalon/Marquee)

Could this be the album to breathe life into the rotting corpse of power metal?
Release Date: 
18 Apr 2011 - 11:30pm

Two minutes into In Paradisum, nearing halfway through album opener Fields of Avalon, I’ve already involuntarily shouted 'YES'!!