Soundwave 2013

Flogging Molly with The Lawrence Arms & Lucero, The Tivoli, Brisbane, 26/02/13

"Thanks for not fucking forgetting about us!" Dave King and Flogging Molly give Brisbane something to remember at their Tuesday night Sidewave.

Tuesday night in Brisbane was unpleasantly damp and warm but this didn’t stop the slow filling of the Tivoli for a mid-week evening of punk rock. Well mostly punk rock.

Ghost's Nameless Ghoul: "I think it might be a healthy move to stay anonymous'...

Grab your king-sized nappies - I'm off to interview Ghost!

I got a bit excited when I was told I’d be interviewing a member of Ghost in their dressing room.

Flogging Molly, supported by Lawrence Arms and Lucero, The Tivoli Thetre. 26th February 2013

FLOGGING MOLLY have never conformed to industry tastes; they've always been the outcasts who put their fans before commercial success, and they've always put their music before marketability. The rewards of such independence and integrity are undeniable on their latest album, 'Speed of Darkness’. Playing to a packed and passionate crowd, and supported by Lawrence Arms and Lucero, Flogging Molly bought the house down to this sidewave gig...

Slayer's Kerry King - 'Diabolus in Musica was my dark period'...

"You don’t need to know when I wipe my ass!"

Just prior to meeting Slayer’s Kerry King, I was warned that any questions about 'the Lombardo situation' would result in the termination of the i

Bullet For My Valentine, Cancer Bats and Miss May I, The HiFi Bar, Friday 22nd February, 2013

Supported by American metalcore stars Miss May I, and Canadian punkers Cancer Bats, Brits Bullet For My Valentine played to a sell out crowd in Brisbane. The night before Soundwave 2013 kicked off proved to be an awesome one...

Words of wisdom from Tomahawk's guitarist Duane Denison

The new album, sausage parties and touring in Australia...

Duane Denison, guitarist with Tomahawk, has a dreamy hypnotic voice. It’s like the tide lapping on a beach; all laid back and relaxed.

A heart to heart with Flogging Molly's Matt Hensley

"We're going to fucking give it and it won't be bullshit, it won't be a band going through the motions. It will be coming from a deeper place. I fucking can't wait." - Matt Hensley

With a brief introduction over a conference call I find myself on the phone to Matt Hensley,