Sextrash - Sexual Carnage (Greyhaze Records)

Sexual deviance is the raison d'etre and focus of Brazilian metal band Sextrash.
Release Date: 
13 Jan 2015 (All day)

Brazil has produced many excellent metal bands that have achieved recognition and notoriety beyond the shores of Latin America; Sepultura, most notably, Sarcofago,

Retro Review: Slayer - Reign in Blood (Def Jam Recordings)

Classic thrash? Why, thank you sir...

‘Relentless’ is a word that gets bandied around far too often in metal circles but when it’s Slayer’s Reign in Blood (1986) that we’re talking about; well, it’s as if the

Havok - Burt's Tiki Lounge, Salt Lake City UT, 13/09/2013

Thrashing SLC.

The name 'Burt's Tiki Lounge' evokes an image of a rather large man smoking a cigar, surrounded by hula dancers, however, nothing could be further from the truth.

Razormaze - Annihilatia (Slaney Records)

Thrash that will make you dust off those big white high-tops of yours.
Release Date: 
23 Jul 2013 (All day)

Boston based thrashers, Razormaze hit it out of the park on their sophomore album Annihilatia. Opening the album is the track, Something 

Jeff Hanneman - Memorial Celebration Details Announced

Farewelling a legend...

The Jeff Hanneman Memorial Celebration will take place on Thursday, May 23 at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles from 3:30 - 7:30PM.

Homage to Jeff Hanneman,

Going South Of Heaven..............

There have been several moments in my metal life when I have felt the exaltation of the family of metal. Brothers and sisters joined in the unison of extreme music, the passion and the fury.

Jon Dette: Pulling Double Shifts

The thrasher's thrasher... the hardest working man in show business!

To say there was a buzz around drummer Jon Dette prior to the commencement of this year’s Soundwave travelling jamboree was something of an understatement; Steppin

Slayer, Anthrax , Kingdom of Sorrow, Luna Park, Sydney 25/02/13

I Don't Care If You're Taking A Shit! You Will Bang Your Fucking Head!

It started like any regular gig at Luna Park Sydney; taking over the Kirribilli Hotel, much to the dismay of the Northern Sydney elite.