published October 2009

Summer Breeze Festival 2009. Day 1: Wednesday

Bands of day one: Cypecore, Cataract, Second Relation, Vomitory, Powerwolf plus some impressions of the festival area from Jägermeister Skybar (40 m above the festival area).

Gnaw Their Tongues – All The Dread Magnificence of Perversity (Burning World/Crucial Blast)

If you think you know what experimental noise/art metal is, then you haven't heard Gnaw Their Tongues' latest release. This is an intense experience: one you absolutely have to have before you die

Hackneyed - Burn After Reaping (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

I did the unforgiveable and had high hopes for Hackneyed's sophomore release. While the album is technically proficient, I found myself disappointed with it. And it wasn't for a while that I worked out why.

The first Hackneyed release, which had nearly everybody in the world going bananas – including me – about such a young, proficient death metal band, was one of those hallmark releases.

Steve Vai - Where The Wild Things Are [CD] (Favored Nations/Riot)

Let guitar legend Steve Vai and his String Theories band take you on a live musical journey that enlightens and also suprises your aural senses!

For people who know of Steve Vai, there are normally two classifications people label him under - A) As a shredder guitarist who just wildly plays all over the place or B) As a tal

Austrian Death Machine - Double Brutal (Metal Blade/Riot)

One of the USA's most high powered politicians is back. And he's more brutal than ever.

There's a chance, albeit a slim one, that you may not have heard of Austrian Death Machine.

Magrudergrind - Magrudergrind (Candlelight)

Griiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind… and that.

There’s no doubt in my mind that 2009 will be seen as something of an Annus (stop fucking sniggering) mirabilis for grind.

Ramming Speed - Brainwreck (Candlelight/Earsplit)

Thrash metal is back in a big way and Boston’s Ramming Speed are another band that’s dragging the sound screaming and vomiting into the new millennium with a beer in one hand, a bong in the other and bad intentions all round.

Ramming Speed’s debut album Brainwreck is thirty minutes of fast, furious fun.  Thirteen thrashed out punk rock/grind core ditties that owe more than a

Sonic Syndicate - Rebellion EP (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Brutal grindcore from one of Sweden's most extreme acts will definitely not disappoint...
Release Date: 
6 Nov 2009 - 12:01am

...Only joking.

The Atlas Moth - A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky (Candlelight/Earsplit)

The Atlas Moth are like a marriage of three fine American traditions. Blues, psychedelic excess and burgers. Burgers? You heard right - these dudes know how to trip you out and keep both your ears and your belly well fed...

In Chicago, IL, you either play the blues or a variant thereof. The Atlas Moth certainly do - in the most distorted, tripped out and eclectic manner imaginable.

Switchblade – Self Titled 2009 (Sound Pollution/Riot)

Who says Emo kids have all the downer music? Switchblade will give any of those black eyed, fringe flopping whiney kids a run for their money when it comes to doom and gloom.

Swedish trio Switchblade don’t believe in making any overt statements about their music, nor in giving us any real clues about just what it is they do or think, or indeed wha