published October 2009

Decadence- Chargepoint (Spiritual Beast)

Incinerating thrash that’s the equivalent of bathing your face in hot, burning piss.

There’s so much thrash out in the market these days, you just don’t know who to trust except for the smokin’ new Megadeth album.

Behemoth - Evangelion (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Heathenry they certainly excel in, but not for your ears. Behemoth offer another sacrifice to their demonic masters which will more than satisfy their cruel appetites.
Release Date: 
10 Aug 2009 - 11:30pm

Behemoth stand at the vanguard of what is now called "blackened death metal" and in my mind, have been since the release of Demigod all the way back in 2004.

W.A.S.P. - Babylon (Demolition/Riot)

Look, I love nostalgia as much as the next old fart but I love it even more when a band shows me they’ve still got something fresh left in the tank. Ace Frehley surprised me with his latest, W.A.S.P. have just done the same. Pity about Kiss, but you can’t have everything can you?

When the opening chords of first track Crazy hit I seriously thought I had stepped back into Last Command-era W.A.S.P., and I had to check the ba

Epica - Design Your Universe (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Imagine if there was a power metal version of Dave Mustaine, except he was a she and that she wasn't ugly. Well, it's worth thinking about as the beautiful, flame-haired Simone Simons voice takes flight on what will be considered Epica's breakthrough album.

I’m always torn about Epica; in their early days I considered them to be an ego-driven After Forever rip-off, treading the line between gothic and power meta

Arcane - Chronicles Of The Waking Dream (Riot)

Being somewhat of a musical puzzle for the listener, Arcane's Chronicles Of The Waking Dream will make you think and try to make your own conclusion to the concept within.

When a band releases a concept album, it can be taken in two ways - it can become a well lauded masterpiece such as Pink Floyd's The Wall and Queensryche'

Epica's Coen Janssen: Designing His Universe

We are the masters of our own universe. This is the message conveyed by symphonic metal group, Epica, in their most recent album, Design Your Universe, released this month. Having also released a live album in the last year, they are now touring across Europe. Three concerts into this tour, keyboard player Coen Jansen took the time to chat to us about living his dream.

Scar Symmetry - Dark Matter Dimensions (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

What do the seasoned practitioners of melodic death metal in the 21st Century have in store for us, the jaded listener? Wily chops, fret-burning bravado and not much else.

Scar Symmetry open their fourth release with a triumphant flourish of regal guitar lines, heralding a new age in the band’s history.

The Wacken Diaries – 04: As Muslims go to Mecca...

The busiest day of Wacken yet... more bad weather, showering, drinking, international negotiations, interviews... oh, and some music in between all that.

This morning we woke to rain – again.

Slayer and Megadeth, Challenge Stadium (Perth), 12/10/2009

A live performance review is supposed to be a carefully written critical account of an event, stemming from the reviewer’s observations and notes on the band’s performance, song selection and delivery, the audio quality, lighting and other venue-influenced factors, and the crowd response. Fuck me. This is just not that kind of review.

Meg-a-deth! Meg-a-deth!


Dr. Slaggleberry - The Slagg Factory (Crash Records/PlasticHead)

The Slagg Factory, third album by British trio Dr. Slaggleberry is a polyphonic package of psychadelic math-metal. Just a small treat for your ears, at less than 22 and a half minutes length: a whimsical, instrumental treat of complexity and distortion.