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Symphony X - Underworld (Nuclear Blast)

The legacy grows...
Release Date: 
24 Jul 2015 (All day)

Despite vocalist Russell Allen becoming ever more ubiquitous as the years go by – his dabblings with the Trans Siberian Orchestra, Allen/Lande,

Who wants to Support Voyager in Brisbane?

Two slots available! Get involved!

Perth progressive metallists Voyager are bringing their much anticipated live show to Brisbane in support of their heralded new album.

'Don't buy useless crap for people this Christmas. Buy wine for yourself!' - My 2011, with Voyager's Danny Estrin

The progtastic Keytar man looks back at his year just passed...

Voyager released a spectacular album this year, but what was the best album you bought in 2011?
Scar Symmetry
The Unseen Empire