Primitai, Motherload - The Black Heart, London 18/12/2013

Finest British Beef graces stage in support of Primitai's latest album.

In a dimly lit venue, providing shelter from yet another night of wind and rain that only London can provide, Motherload opened the night.

Primitai - Rise Again (Own Label)

Utterly brilliant. Simple as that.
Release Date: 
13 Oct 2013 - 11:30pm

No matter how many genres heavy metal has splintered into on the day of judgement, its core values – superior musical ability, songwriting integrity and a commitment to good times, however mindless

Neuronspoiler, Primitai, The Barfly, London 23/08/13

Following one of the finest debut albums of the year so far, Neuronspoiler continued to support their stellar album alongside metal brothers Primitai.

Believe the hype. Neuronspoiler are a well-oiled metal machine.

Primitai: Brit Metallers About to Rise Again!

New album set to arrive in October!

One of the UK’s finest exponents of traditional metal, Primitai are pleased to unveil the cover art for their latest studio album, Rise Again.

Evile @ Sub 89 (Reading, UK) 27 Oct 2011

The future of thrash shows its (Serpent’s) teeth.

There has been a lot of talk around Evile this year.