The Casket Crew - Coercion (Cimmerian Shade Recordings)

Not too shabby...
Release Date: 
5 Mar 2014 - 12:30am

There's something old school and warmly familiar about The Casket Crew's Coercion; perhaps it's the purity of the traditional four piece band?

Aeon of Horus: New Album Details Announced

Rumours of the existence of a new album confirmed...

Canberra, Australia based progressive metal outfit Aeon of Horus will release its sophomore effort Existence on 3 March 2014. 

Bjorn Strid: Want him on your Album?

Bar Mitzvahs also considered (possibly)...

Soilwork lead singer, Bjorn Strid, has become a pioneer in the melodic death metal genre with intense and powerful vocals.

Anomalie - Between the Light (Art of Propaganda)

A great debut from Anomalie, taking black metal to new creative places!
Release Date: 
27 Jan 2014 (All day)

Anomalie from Austria is a post black metal project founded in 2011 by Marrok, who plays ‘everything’ on this their debut album.