On a Higher Plane With Dave Chandler

"I just get so stoned that it’s funny. Everything is funny..."

I suspect that Dave Chandler, lead guitarist of Saint Vitus, may be slightly off his nut. He answers the phone with a positive “Hey, how you doing?

Trucker Diablo: New Album Releases This Month!

Songs of Iron is on the way!

Heavy melodies firmly planted on a foundation of steamroller rock n’ roll aggression is the fuel behind the latest offering from Northern Ireland export, Trucker Diablo.

Spiritual Beggars - Earth Blues (InsideOut Music)

Everything that's great about heavy rock can be found on Earth Blues...
Release Date: 
14 Apr 2013 - 11:30pm

After the opening, bluesy blast of Wise as a Serpent bores into your consciousness and then leaves as abruptly as it appeared, one thing is clear – twenty years in the game have not blunte