old school

Overkill - Ironbound (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

One of metal’s most prolific bands returns to spank our bottoms with a relentless thrash metal album. It’s certainly a lesson in (musical) violence that we should all heed.
Release Date: 
8 Feb 2010 (All day)

Lest they’re left behind by a thrash scene still enjoying its resurgence, Overkill crank open a fresh can of aural whoopass to teach the kids that no one does it better than

Deceiver – Thrashing Heavy Metal (Pulverised/Amphead)

You want truth in advertising? Look no further than the title of this album! In fact the only other title they could have maybe used was “old school thrashing heavy metal.”

After five years of struggle, two previous albums, and a year-long sabbatical, this is Swedish band Deceiver’s swan-song album.  But let me tell you it’s a hell of