Saxon and The Sword sidewaves announced

Presented by Faster Louder and Soundwave Touring, Saxon, along with The Sword are hitting up Melbourne and Sydney for sidewave shows

And the great sidewave announcements just keep on coming, with British metal heavyweights Saxon set to hit Melbourne and Sydney with American metal outfit The Sword

Christian Mistress - Agony & Opium (20 Buck Spin)

What the hell is this? It seems like Geddy Lee encountered some old NWOBHM band and decided to make a jam. What is the result? Fenriz of Darkthrone seems to have loved it!

I confess I’d never heard of Christian Mistress until I came across the album Agony and Opium to write this review and I was in shock to learn that this band was ign

Soundwave 2011 - Second and final artist announcement

As if the first one wasn't awesome enough, the second and final artist announcement for Soundwave 2011 ensures that this'll be one hell of a festival.

Soundwave Touring presents you with the second and final artist announcement!

Ravage – The End Of Tomorrow (Metal Blade/Riot)

If I didn’t already know about Rob Halford’s sexual persuasion I’d swear that he’d been throwing his seed around Boston, Massachusetts a couple of decades back, because if this isn’t his love child on vocals it damn well should be!!

Ravage stalwarts and brothers Al Ravage on vocals and Eli Joe on guitar have been hammering away with various li

Praying Mantis – Sanctuary (Frontiers/Riot)

No nostalgia trip here, NWOBHM originals Praying Mantis deliver a stunning rock/AOR album with no sign of flab, grey hair or walking frames.

Brother’s Chris and Tino Troy first started playing back in the early seventies (Chris on bass and Tino on guitar

White Wizzard – High Speed GTO (Earache/Riot)

Holy time warps Batman, is this a diabolical plot by the Joker? I’m trapped in a world of twin guitars and leather pants!
Release Date: 
6 Jul 2009 (All day)

No Robin, it’s California’s White Wizzard with their mini-album High Speed GTO. 

Roxxcalibur - NWOBHM for Muthas (Limb/Riot)

An album to throw on, drink a six pack to and remember the fun you had when the New Wave of British Heavy Metal first kicked you in the nuts!

Where most tribute albums go wrong is having too many guest stars – vocalists and guitarists, drummers and bass players who want to add their special touch with no thought of the over all sou