Midnight – Complete and Total Hell (Hells Headbangers Records)

NWOBHM, D-Beat, Sluts, Hell and Black Rock n Roll.

I must have been sleeping… Seriously where was I when Midnight was putting out all those little pearls throughout the years? Hells Headbangers have decided to gather to

Saxon: Back to the UK for Pre-Christmas Tour

The Barnsley Big Teasers get their whistling teeth in order for a brief run of festive dates!

Never tired of the road, British metal veterans Saxon will be returning to the UK for the second time this year with a string of live shows in December, supported by Swedish power

Stampede Makes New Track Available as Free Download For Fans

Classic track from the early eighties available for the first time as a specially recorded studio version!

UK hard rock troupe Stampede is giving away a free download of newly recorded studio track Shadows of The Night on Facebook.

White Wizzard - Flying Tigers (Earache/Riot)

Jon Leon's men continue building on the good work started by last year's Over the Top...
Release Date: 
18 Sep 2011 - 11:30pm

White Wizzard is a band doing its damndest to be identified with something as intangible as an era; The US metal outfit is so determined to bring back the eighties it sometimes let

Stampede - A Sudden Impulse (Grind That Axe)

Twenty eight years in the making, A Sudden Impulse sees the NWOBHM stalwarts in fine form.
Release Date: 
8 May 2011 - 11:30pm

One of the biggest shocks of recent times in the world of metal was the news that NWOBHM nearly men Stampede were reforming.

Absolute Brilliance - Shane Embury Goes Back to the Source

Absolute Power's self-titled debut celebrates everything that's great about early eighties heavy metal. MaF caught up with bass player Shane Embury to find out more.

It’s criminal, but there’s a fair chance you may have missed Absolute Power’s self-titled debut when it came out in May, such has been the torrent of quality meta

A Sudden Impulse Thirty Years in the Making: Stampede's Reuben Archer

Stampede singer Reuben Archer chats to Metal Talk's Pippa Lang about the band's new lease of life, the thirty-year break between albums, the nightmare behind the recording of 'A Sudden Impulse'... plus: The Archer Empire, mods, plastic macs, Eric Clapton, Welsh rarebit... Are you sitting comfortably? (There could be a book in this).

Reuben Archer and I are munching Welsh Rarebit in the Bishop pub by Kingston Bridge.

The Waiting, like Tom Petty said, is the hardest part - the final emergence of Hell, as told by Andy Sneap

With a gestation period that would have had an Elephant screaming for the induction stirrups, Hell's new record carries a lot of expectation on it's Satanic shoulders. Andy Sneap thinks it'll be worth the wait though...

Fate. Kismet. Some things work out in time, and there’s no telling how or why they happen – they just do. God moves in mysterious ways. 

Firebird - Double Diamond (Rise Above)

Bill steers his retro guitarfest back to the seventies again, with generally good results...

Many people professed surprise around the turn of the century when Bill Steer - the man whose guitar propelled early incarnations of both Napalm Death and