My 2011

"Most yawn-inducing event? My social life." My 2011 with Lord Tim and Andy Dowling of Lord.

The Australian power metal Titans are gearing up for a big 2012, but first they take the time out to look back at 2011...

Hello, gentlemen, and thanks for joining Metal as Fuck today. First question for both of you - Can you tell us the best album you bought this year?

"Stop buying into poser 'burrito thrash' bands... " - My 2011 with PATAC Records

Continuing our series looking back at the last twelve months in metal with one of the best submissions we received... Enjoy!

Hoy hoy there senor PATAC, and thanks for joining in with our little survey. Straight into question one -     Best album you bought this year?

"Stay fucking metal!" - My 2011 with Eric Cruz and Ramsey DeLarge of Archaios

Come along with us now to the Domincan Republic, courtesy of Archaios!

Hey guys - thanks for joining us and welcome to the wonderful and frightening world of Metal as Fuck... But enough of the pleasantries and on with the questioning!

"Listen to Rumpelstiltskin Grinder right fucking now or you will die." My 2011 with Dan O'Hare from Total Fucking Destruction

Come with us now as we delve into Dan's 2011 Memory Box...

Dan - thanks for joiniing us... Load of good stuff came out this year - what was the best album you bought?

'My Christmas Message? - Celebrate with a BLAST!' - The year in review with Soilwork's Dirk Verbeuren

He may know a flam from a paradiddle, but Soilwork's Dirk knows a thing or two about other stuff too..

So, Dirk, its been a great year for extreme music - Best album you bought this year?

'Boycott Christmas Consumption!' - My 2011 With Kreator's Mille Petrozza

The raw throated thrash titan looks back at his last twelve months...

Hello, good evening and welcome Herr Petrozza. Thanks for taking part in our little featurette! To begin, as always - what was the best album you bought this year?

'Most exciting event? Jamming with Sammy Hagar on his birthday!' - Vinnie Paul looks back on 2011

Everyone's favourite Cowboy from Hell has ahd a good year, and he wants to share a few memories of it with us!

Hello Vinnie, and thanks for joining Metal as Fuck's My 2011 segment! What have you been listening to in 2011? The best album you bought this year was?

'If my tip breaks out, I'm going straight to Planned Parenthood' - My 2011 with Volker Kael from Dawn of Ashes

The DoA guitarist has a few useful tips for life...

Welcome to our talking shop, Volker - it's good to have you along. First question... Best album you bought this year?

'Seeing Repulsion Soundcheck Was a Treat For Sure!' My 2011 With Henrik Palme from In Solitude

Its been a busy year for the Satanically-minded Swedes... Here's a round up of what's been going on.

Hello there - nice of you to join us. 2011 has been an excellent year for music. What was the best album you bought this year?

'Enjoy Christmas With Your Loved Ones. Family is Important' - Mnemic's Mircea Eftemie looks back at 2011.

Mircea's here with some damning comment on the state of awards shows in Denmark. He obviously hasn't heard of the Arias...

Good day to you Sir. We've a lot to get through so let's cut to the chase. What's the best album you bought this year, and who recorded it?