Latvia has home grown heavy metal? Who knew?

Latvia's own Relicseed is a marriage of seeming opposites. The heavy metal frontman's parents are a violinist and clarinetist. He's obsessed with Pantera and Itzhak Perlman. Edgars Rakovskis is definitely all over the place!

Sometimes something groovy will come my way and I'll be totally gobsmacked. Luckily in the music world, that happens pretty often.

Jim Florentine - Cringe 'n' Purge (Metal Blade)

"Cringe 'n' Purge" - The first part is correct; the second part is wishful thinking. ('n' isn't even a word.)

Metal Blade records seem to have taken it upon themselves to dispel the notion that metalheads are essentially desiccated and humorless individuals by signing metal loving stand-up comics such as <

Diamond Plate @ The Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY), 18 October 2011

Chicago gave us Second City Television, the Bears, Sears Tower, deep dish pizza, the meat packing industry, and the Blues Brothers movie. Now the world gets Diamond Plate - another gobsmacking Chicago creation!

Texas in July - One Reality (Equal Vision Records)

If you are a teenager in the death knells of puberty who hates everyone and everything and whinge incessantly about how unfair life is, you will enjoy this album.
Release Date: 
7 Oct 2011 (All day)

Texas in July has released its second full length album entitled One Reality<

Rwake - Rest (Relapse Records)

Rest evokes colour and darkness, despair and longing, crushing brutality that is tearfully beautiful.
Release Date: 
27 Sep 2011 - 11:50pm

Arkansas. Other than Bill Clinton, USA President, I don't know much about this state. When I read that Rwake was a metal band hailing from Arkansas, I was leery and dubious.


Doomriders,I Exist and 4DEAD splay the Australian National University Bar with their filth to a healthy crowd in Canberra's deathly cold. Raucousness ensues...

Truth Corroded sign with Ultimhate Records

Australian thrashers Truth Corroded have signed a European/Japan deal with Ultimhate Records for the release of their upcoming album, Worship the Bled

Bassist Greg Shaw commented on the deal; 'The band is extremely pleased to be a part of the label.

Fair to Midland - Arrows and Anchors (E1 Music)

The Amarillo, TX alt-metal combo put their contemporaries on notice with “Arrows and Anchors,” a triumph of down-to-earth songwriting, hard driving metal and playful imagination.

“We wanted something simple because all of our other titles have been so long-winded,” gossamer-tongued vocalist Darroh Sudderth said of the title, talking to Social Networking for Musicians

Launched this year by Unearth's guitarist Ken Susi and his brother, Paul, Intonation Network is a free, user-friendly, location-based social networking site that allows musicians and music industry professionals to connect and collaborate online

Hot Graves' 'Desecration Time' via Greyhaze Records

Florida's own Hot Graves, via Greyhaze Records, will have a 7", three-song vinyl released to prepare fans for their upcoming full-length

Greyhaze Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of a brand-new 7” from blackened d-beat destroyers Hot Graves.