Blood and Metal under the Southern Cross - Slayer's Kerry King

A Hulking, imposing and undisputed god of metal, Kerry King, guitarist of the fabled and celebrated Slayer talks to Metal as Fuck on their unprecedented tour of Australia in partnership with Megadeth.

While I was waiting for Slayer founding guitarist Kerry King to arrive at a conference room tucked away in a stately five-star hotel in Melbourne, Australia, a por

Wild Child at Heart - A conversation with Steve Vai

If you haven’t heard of Steve Vai, you probably think a Fender should be attached to a car. Talking to the rather articulate legendary guitar virtuoso, we discuss (his project) 'Where the Wild Things Are', beekeeping and his dear musical brother-in-arms, Devin Townsend.

Steve Vai, former member of Whitesnake, Alcatrazz, Frank Zappa’s band, G3 and a host of other rock music projects is lauded

They are Sadistik Exekution... Fukk You!!

Sadistik Exekution's enigmatic vokillist Rok sets the record straight on SadEx history and fills us in on their upcoming rare live appearance at the Australian Metal Awards in November. WARNING: This interview is not for those easily offended by the word 'FUKK'!

New act this fall

50 Caliber Dream, Pittsburgh PA, METAL

Just finished thier first cd, will start promoting it independantly this fall

Elton John to guest on Alice In Chains new record

The rejuvenated monsters of alt-metal Alice in Chains collaborate with rock legend Elton John on a heart-rending tribute track in honor of Layne Staley.

Black Gives Way To Blue, the name of highly anticipated new album from Alice in Chains, will feature special guest performance by Elton John.

Crushtor's Guide to Crap Metal Videos

You've probably seen thousands of metal music videos. But chances are, you've probably only seen just seen the same one from one of these three categories...

I don't know about you, but ever since the rise and dominance of the Live DVD, the need and want for metal music videos - especially those with a deficit of creativity - has sharply declined.

How did you get into metal and how have your tastes progressed?

I want to know how everyone got into the metal genre, and how thei rmetal tastes have evolved over the years.


Hello all!

We are currently a three peice Extreme Metal band from Bendigo Victoria and are looking for gigs accross the state!