Heavy Rock

Tarja Turunen: New Live CD/DVD/Blu Ray Out Soon!

2 Nights in Argentina preserved for posterity...

Eagle Rock imprint Armoury Records, in conjunction with Hamburg, Germany-based earMUSIC, today announces the release of the first ever live solo r

Lita Ford: New Album Out Next Month!

'Living Like a Runaway' Drops June 18th!

To Lita Ford, the title of her new solo album Living Like A Runaway has two deep and distinct meanings: The first refers to her first band The Runaways, w

The Darkness - ANU Refectory, Canberra 10/05/12

Lowestoft's finest rock the Nation's capital in fine style...

When cocaine-fuelled wrong headedness first robbed us of The Darkness in 2006, the world undoubtedly became a poorer place.

'Me and Brian Johnson spent a lot of time together...' Reeling in the years with The Poor's Skenie

Join Skenie as he Embraces his inner bogan...

The first thing I’m treated to when Anthony ‘Skenie’ Skene picks up the phone is a huge blast of feedback and distortion; “Sorry mate – we’re ja

Mastodon, Gojira & Kvelertak, Sydney HiFi Bar 01/03/12

A Chokehold of Tusk & Legend

They say when it rains, it pours and a bitter and drenched evening in Sydn

Mad Max - Another Night of Passion (SPV/Steamhammer)

A fabulous return to the days when men were men but looked like women...
Release Date: 
26 Mar 2012 (All day)

Venerable German hard rockers Mad Max - reformed here with their original lineup for the first time in aeons- don’t mess about.

Superchief - Corporate Dynamite (Brolester Records)

Bearded, beer chugging behemoth rock - our favourite new genre...

Any album that introduces itself in the press release as an ’11 song beer fuelled festival of mayhem’ is always going to pique the interest of the denizens of MaF HQ, a

The Damned - Sydney Metro Theatre, January 21st 2012

The UK punk veterans celebrated their 35th birthday with some spirited Aussie performances last week; MaF caught their Sydney show...

Time, once again, then, to climb aboard the nostalgia bus en route to Memoryville.

The Devil's Blood: Video Teaser Series Commences

The countdown has begun...

Occult rock legion The Devil's Blood has started releasing a series of video teasers leading up to the release of its upcoming full-length, The Thousandfold Epicentre.

Uriah Heep - Live in Armenia (Frontiers/Riot)

Unpteenth live release from the Britrock veterans...
Release Date: 
22 Sep 2011 - 11:30pm

Whilst there is no doubt that Brit prog metallers Uriah Heep can still deliver the goods on the live front – they proved that here in Australia not so very long ago- it is de