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Thrash metal and video games don’t make you a killer

Many Norwegian stores have removed violent video games from their shelves after Christian Fundamentalist terrorist Anders Breivik claimed he prepared for his attack by playing them. Yet there’s been no word from bookstores on when they’ll remove the Bible from their shelves...

What a load of bollocks.

Taberah Ready to Release New Album

Supporting dates on the way as well!

Tasmanian metallists Taberah will release their debut full length album The Light Of Which I Dream through Metal Evilution on August 27th.

Battlecross - Pursuit of Honour (Metal Blade/Riot)

Detroit thrashers with a new take on an old genre - or is it?
Release Date: 
1 Aug 2011 - 11:30pm

Battlecross .

Forbidden Headlines Saturday's High Voltage Festival

Head out to The Corner Hotel for a crushing feast of heavy metal

High Voltage Touring’s High Voltage Festival featuring old school metal masters Forbidden (USA) as headliners is this Saturday 6 August!

Powerwolf - Blood of the Saints (Metal Blade/Riot)

Wolves, priests, phantoms, blood... this ain't no hip hop album!
Release Date: 
2 Aug 2011 (All day)

When the Gods made heavy metal, I’ve a fair idea that Blood of the Saints was the sort of thing they were thinking about.

Doomriders, I Exist, 4Dead, Canberra ANU 25/7/11

A cold monday night in Canberra - surely no on will turn up?

A Monday night in Canberra. A Monday night in Canberra in deep midwinter. A Monday night in Canberra in deep winter when the city’s beloved Raiders are at home to the mighty Dragons.

Lynchmada New Album 'To The Earth' Ready To Destroy !

"Driving rhythms and pummelling grooves" are on their way from the Gold Coast...

Gold Coast, Queensland metal crushers Lynchmada has completed the recording of the its upcoming new album To the Earth. The album was recorded in Australia at Co

What's wrong with living in a bigger bubble? - Edguy's Tobias Sammet on success, songwriting and a new album

The chirpy German power metallists are gearing up to release a new album next month, and Tobi's in good spirits about its prospects...

Tobias Sammett is the sort of bloke lazy journalists love.

'There's No Rich Daddy Paying For Everything Here" - Twenty Questions with Monument's Peter Ellis

They're true as steel, and they are dedicated to bringing true metal back to the masses. But first Monument vocalist Peter Ellis need to decide whether the Badger be rulin' the Baboon...

Who are you, and what do you do?
Peter Ellis, vocalist for Monument

Where are you?
London, England

Crawler - Knight of the Word (SG Records)

Well meaning yet ultimately flawed power metal from Italy.
Release Date: 
15 Jul 2011 (All day)

The first thing you notice about Italian power/trad metal outfit Crawler is the production on Knight of the Word – it’s simply not good enough.