Napalm Death and Voivod: Joining forces at the end of January for a North American tour!

This one will get the 'grindcore space thrash' kids excited; Napalm Death and Voivod hitting the road with Exhumed, Iron Reagan and Black Crown Initiate!

Napalm Death are set to release new album Apex Predator - Easy Meat on January 27 right after they return from the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise and that ni

Atara / Miserable Failure - Hang Them (Kaotoxin Records)

French grindcore with a difference.
Release Date: 
12 Aug 2014 (All day)

This split from French grindcore bands Atara and Miserable Failure is great. Simply great.

Abaddon Incarnate- Pessimist (Candlelight)

Abaddon Incarnate just fall short of the mark.

Abaddon Incarnate have always been one of the most extreme acts to have come out of Ireland.

Blood Duster: Grinding for Doc

The death of Doc Neeson has touched all parts of the Australian music scene...

Melbourne grind metal band Blood Duster aren’t usually ones to hold back from promoting anything for self-gain, though this time it’s different.

Napalm Death: New Release Info and New Tour Dates Revealed!

Listen in awe as Napalm Death take on The Cardiacs!

After a successful run of dates all across Europe including shows with Hatebreed and The Exploited, grindcore legends Napalm Death are proud to an

Dephosphorus – Ravenous Solemnity (Pro)

Avante-garde astrogrind for the open-minded.
Release Date: 
24 Feb 2014 (All day)

Every now and then you listen to an album and, rather than experiencing the usual ‘ah, this kinda stuff again’ reaction, you’ll be left with a suprisingly agreeable ‘what the fuck is going on here?

Cripple Bastards – Nero in Metastasi (Relapse Records)

Ultra-compressed, bite-sized parcels of grindy goodness.
Release Date: 
18 Feb 2014 (All day)

Well, this is a timely one.

Obscene Extreme Returns to Australia

March 7-9 in Melbourne. Get involved!

Following the success of the festival debut in Australia in 2013, Obscene Extreme is back again, bigger, better and filthier than before.

Six Brew Bantha/Suffering Mind – Split 7 inch (Halo of Flies)

Short, sharp stabs to the ears without any unnecessary tooling about.

Both Six Brew Bantha and Suffering Mind play full-on, frenetic, top-speed grind without any frills, and I couldn’t be happier with this split 7-inch.