folk metal

Cnoc An Tursa – The Giants Of Auld (Candlelight Records)

It’s a death metal album, for folks’ sake.

Often when a band proclaims to be ‘folk metal’ it usually means they have a fiddler in the ranks.

Finntroll's Routa on everything... ever...

He's hard as the frozen ground but loves a bit of Tori Amos...

I was under the impression that I’d be interviewing Finntroll vocalist Mathias so it was quite a surprise when I answered the phone and it was actually guitarist <

"You're so damn far away!" - Sami Hinkka of Ensiferum

Metal as Fuck catch up with Ensiferum on 70000tons of Metal to talk about their upcoming tour of Australia, what drives the music of the Finnish Heroic Folk Metallers and Bamboleo, bambolea, porque mi vida, yo la prefiero vivir asi!

Under high demand, I find my interview on 70000tons of Metal with Sami Hinkka of

"People seem to like what we do. I don't know why." - Christopher Bowes of Alestorm

True Scottish Pirate Metal invades Australian shores once again in January, but this time there will be evidence.

With half a dozen interviews ahead of him, Christopher Bowes is sitting back with a bottle of wine to keep him going through th

Viter - Dzherelo (Casus Belli Musica)

Ukrainian band Viter re-releases debut EP, Dzherelo, via Casus Belli Musica. Dzherelo is a cornucopia of aural pleasures that will delight music lovers everywhere.
Release Date: 
20 Sep 2012 (All day)

Russian record label Casus Belli Musica is releasing a second press of the debut EP by Ukrainian band Viter.

Elvenking - Era (AFM Records)

Superb outing from these Italian veterans!
Release Date: 
14 Sep 2012 (All day)


Moonsorrow: Survivalist Instincts

'If something like that happened to you, you would probably cut off your own arm.'

The scorching desert heat of Tempe, Arizona is no

Munruthel – Epoch of Aquarius (Svarga Music / Gardarika Musikk)

Ukraine: Slava!

Originally titled Эпоха Водолея (Ukrainian for Epoch of Aquarius) and released in 2006, this re-release (the third album by Munruthel, ex – Nok