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Six Feet Under – Death Rituals (Metal Blade/Stomp)

The idea of putting legendary pop producers Stock, Waterman & Aitken together with Death Metal legends Six Feet Under might have seemed like a very strange idea - but damn did it come up with something amazing!!

Who knew Chris Barnes could reach those notes?  His duet with Kylie is awe-inspiring, as is the hook laden remix of Crossing The River Styx; and

Krisiun Aus/NZ tour April 2009

Krisiun have earned a legendary worldwide reputation & rabid fan base due to their constant touring activities, and have received some of the highest praise and respect as being one of the most exciting and devastating acts in the world. This year they will, for the first time ever, crush Australian & New Zealand audiences!
Tour Dates: 
15/04/2009 - 25/04/2009


20 years and 11 albums in: Alex Webster talks to Metal as Fuck

Metal as Fuck recently chatted with Alex Webster about Cannibal Corpse's new release, Evisceration Plague. When we talked to him, he was on the band's tour bus in Amsterdam, where the band had, a few hours before, just played a show on Children of Bodom's tour. Unusually, the tour afforded Cannibal Corpse the opportunity of reaching a new audience.

At the time when I spoke with Webster about the album, the hallmark Corpse song Hammer Smashed Face was ranked by German Metal Hammer as being the greatest death metal song of all

Reawoken wrath of the Norsemen – welcome to the Scandinavian extreme metal scene

This is my first column ever for Metal as Fuck and my mission is to be your guide to things metal in Scandinavia. Trust me when I say this column, like all I write here, will be very personal and it will not be the complete guide to all things rock/metal in this region. This is a quite personal view but I will include links to other sources to help you dig deeper and find your version of the 'truth' as well.