Bloodstock 2010

[Festival] Bloodstock Open Air 2010 - Day 2: Better Late Than Never

There's a reason this is late. Count Gorlock actually died, and was happily in Heaven. However, one day he checked his emails and remembered he hadn't posted day 2, and pleaded with God to be sent back down so he could spread his words of wisdom like a smellier, less hirsute John the Baptist. He was halfway through getting sucked off by Michael Jackson when he found out btw, so I hope you're happy.

Hey it's me, the big fucking idiot.

There Will Be Blood (and alcohol and unplanned pregnancies)

We asked our finest writer to do a fair, balanced preview of the upcoming Bloodstock festival. Unfortunately he was ill so we got Wanker Gorlock, who covered the festival in 2009, to do it instead.

Hello. I'm Count Gorlock. Writer, Sexgod, Hero.