black metal

Anaal Nathrakh - In the Constellation of the Black Widow (Candlelight/Earsplit)

Like being trapped in a grindcore web, then being devoured by a black metal spider! Anaal Nathrakh brings the end of the world... again.



Goatwhore - Carving Out the Eyes of God (Metal Blade/Riot)

Dark, heavy and evil. Goatwhore crush, kill and destroy with terrifying speed in their fourth flesh-ripping and face-melting record.
Release Date: 
22 Jun 2009 - 11:30pm

Although metal fans are quick to decry filmmaker Sam Dunn's oversimplification of black metal as "punk meets Wagner dressed as Alice Cooper" there

Empyrean - Quietus (Prime Cuts/Riot)

The forefront of blackened death metal stood only a handful of innovators - this once exclusive clique may be welcoming Australian newcomers Empyrean to their ranks with their explosive debut, Quietus.

Australian black metal seems to be an oddity in the greater metal community - it strives to be as underground and "traditional" as possible so as not to upset the "kvlt" of personalities and musica

Endstille - Verfuhrer (Regain/Riot)

I came to this album without any knowledge of the band and therefore no preconceptions. I came to the conclusion that you can't expect to be blown away by this release.
Release Date: 
16 Apr 2009 - 11:30pm

I came to this album without any knowledge of the band and therefore no preconceptions. Having not heard Endstille's stuff before I had no idea what to expect.

Nachtmystium – Worldfall (Candlelight/MIM)

Imagine if Satan and Syd Barrett shared a tab of LSD, broke out the black light posters, strapped on the axe, warmed up the moog and jammed. Can't imagine that? Well Nachtmystium can.

This is a five-track EP from these mainstays of the American black metal scene, two tracks being covers – Death In June’s Roseclouds Of Holocaust and G

Ast Voldur – Psychoacoustic Trauma Asylum (Demo/Unsigned)

Three piece Aussie black metal/industrial band whose first demo barely hints at what could come. From the opening moment with the tape leader run in (despite being on a cdr!) this EP had me reminiscing about the tape trading days of yore. But damn, the quality has improved since then!

With only five tracks – technically four plus a 20-second intro – Ast Voldur haven’t given the listener much time to get a grip on their very schizophrenic style.


Hello all!

We are currently a three peice Extreme Metal band from Bendigo Victoria and are looking for gigs accross the state!

Until the light takes us - documentary about the rise of the norwegian black metal scene

I was in Gothenburg and it happened to be the annual film festival so I got dragged along by metal photographer Daniel Falk and some friends to see the new documentary "Until the light takes us". With that title I understand it had to be something worth my time...

This film turned out to be rather interesting since it did involve some, but far fram all, leading figures involved in the rise of the black metal scene in Norway.

Reawoken wrath of the Norsemen – welcome to the Scandinavian extreme metal scene

This is my first column ever for Metal as Fuck and my mission is to be your guide to things metal in Scandinavia. Trust me when I say this column, like all I write here, will be very personal and it will not be the complete guide to all things rock/metal in this region. This is a quite personal view but I will include links to other sources to help you dig deeper and find your version of the 'truth' as well.