avant garde

Sabbath Assembly: New Video Released, Tour Dates Announced

'Lucifer' is brought to life in visual form...

Sabbath Assembly is proud to present the latest video for the track Lucifer from their recently-released third album, Quaternity, out now on Svart Records

Dephosphorus – Ravenous Solemnity (Pro)

Avante-garde astrogrind for the open-minded.
Release Date: 
24 Feb 2014 (All day)

Every now and then you listen to an album and, rather than experiencing the usual ‘ah, this kinda stuff again’ reaction, you’ll be left with a suprisingly agreeable ‘what the fuck is going on here?

Author & Punisher: Touring with Phil Again...

Bringing dejection, hopelessness and earthly doom to your ears this January...

Following a mega successful run of live takeovers last (Northern) Summer supporting Philip H.

Godzilla Black - The Great Terror (Triple Jump Records)

What the fuck just happened?
Release Date: 
29 Sep 2013 - 11:30pm

As the final notes of The Blue Music (the final track on Godzilla Black's The Great Terror album) fade, I find myself rhetorically asking 'What just happened?' -

Ephel Duath: The Return

After a five year hiatus, Davide Tiso and company are back!

Exceptional and experimental metal act Ephel Duath returns with its first album in five years, Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness.

Circle - Six Day Run (Ektro)

The new soundtrack to your next exercise regime...
Release Date: 
16 May 2013 - 11:30pm

I'm not into jogging, running or any other form of regimented exercise (my big fat belly is a testament to this) but if I was, this is the stuff I'd have on my headphones as I pounded the streets o

Opium Warlords - We Meditate Under The Pussy In The Sky (Svart Records)

Strangeness Über Alles.
Release Date: 
30 Nov 2012 - 12:30pm

Okay so we are in front of another self titled avantgarde, psychedelic, surrealistic, experimental, minimalistic, drone, sludge, noise, progressive rock, modernistic statement of an artist -

Hypno5e - Des Deux L'une Est L'autre (Overcome)

Aw man, a french album title? From a band with song titles and half the lyrics in English – including titles like “Naked Lunch I” and “Maintained Relevance of Destruction Part II”? And a band name with a damned number in place of a letter (do they expect us to ignore it and pronounce the name 'hypnose' or spell it out as 'hyp-no-five-ee')?

Well, this was either going to be one of two things: a terrible half-arsed parody OH SO WACKY AND RANDOM album, or it was going to be the sadly real deal: music the band inevitably refers to as "ex