Australian heavy metal

Twelve Foot Ninja Nominated for Revolver Golden God Award

An Incredible Honour!

Melbourne’s Twelve Foot Ninja have been nominated for an award by Revolver Golden Gods Awards, America’s only hard rock and heavy metal awards show.

Aeon of Horus - Existence (Own Label)

Canberra progressives take a massive step towards the big time...
Release Date: 
2 Mar 2014 - 11:30pm

Canberra’s Aeon of Horus are back, with a second full length album that is frankly astounding in it’s vision, ambition and, most importantly, execution.

Buried in Verona - Faceless (UNFD)

Crushing, melodic, all the good things...
Release Date: 
6 Mar 2014 - 11:30pm

Sydney metalcore exponents Buried in Verona don’t much care whether you like them or not (indeed their press release screams a big 'FUCK YOU!!' at dissenters and non believers ever

Darkyra - Dragon Tears (Own Label)

Nice entry to the world of female-fronted gothic rock..
Release Date: 
20 Feb 2014 (All day)

Female-fronted gothic rock. No, no, come back!

Crosson - Spreading the Rock n'Roll Disease (Own Label)

Proving you can't stop rock n'roll!
Release Date: 
20 Jan 2014 (All day)

‘Don’t be too hard on them’. That’s what MaF editor Scott Adams said to me when he sent me this EP for my consideration. Me? Hard?

Norse: All is Mist and Frog

"If you're an asshole, you're still an asshole."

Aussie black metal miscreants Norse made their triumphant return to the live circuit last Friday week to celebrate the release of their Plaguewhore 7" vinyl single.

King Parrot: No Dead End In Sight As US Tour Is Confirmed!

Do Me A Favour & Dick Off Mr Slattery...

Australia is known for its dangerous animals, harsh climate and extreme conditions, but in recent times nothing's come out of the country more extreme than

Sydonia - Reality Kicks (Price War)

Potential world domination alert...
Release Date: 
6 Feb 2014 - 11:30pm

The press release accompanying the review copy of this, Sydonia’s second full length release, is at great pains to tell us about the big metal names who like the band.

King Parrot Promise A Scorching Summer!

Prime Your livers!!

Without a thought of slowing down, King Parrot launch into 2014 with a whole swag of shows, focusing on regional areas and hitting the road with US thr

Aeon of Horus: New Album Details Announced

Rumours of the existence of a new album confirmed...

Canberra, Australia based progressive metal outfit Aeon of Horus will release its sophomore effort Existence on 3 March 2014.