Australian heavy metal

Darkc3ll: The Darkness Is Spreading

Darkc3ll launch their latest offering, Devolve:Destroy

Australian Industrial rockers, Darkc3ll have unveiled their latest EP, Devolve:Destroy (available through RTD Records now!) and are soon to embark on a fi

King Parrot announce new album & massive Australian tour!

The Boys Are Coming Home!!

Last week it was announced that Australia’s premier thrash/grind miscreants, the mighty King Parrot had signed to

Rise of Avernus: Dramatis Personæ (Aural Music)

Musical Lust
Release Date: 
13 Apr 2015 (All day)

Rise of Avernus truly rise in their latest offering Dramatis Personæ, beginning with In The Absence of Will which embarks on a formidable elevation of synth, stri

Psycroptic: No Excuses

It's already paying off....

Dave Haley of Australia’s number one metal export; Psycroptic was frantically trying to get a coffee into him over a massive morning of interviews last week to pro

Feed Her to the Sharks - Fortitude (Victory Records)

Punishing stuff...

Melbourne 'core exponents Feed Her to the Sharks are the next off the rapidly-lengthening production line of Australian acts hitching their colours to the mask of a foreign record

Tonk - Ruby Voodoo (Own Label/MelodicRock Records)

Canberra's not just about politicians spilling things, you know...
Release Date: 
8 Mar 2015 - 11:30pm

Canberran hard rockers Tonk know a thing or two about riffs.

Metal as Fuck's Top 25 Australian Metal Releases of 2014

It's been a cracking year for heavy music in Australia - here's what we thought was the cream of the crop!

25. Darker Half - Never Surrender (Own Label)

24. Disentomb - Misery (New Standard Elite)

2014 in Review: Evil Eye's Pete Saunders - "PLEASE, if you like a band and you would like independent music to survive, you must support them financially"

The Brisbane outfit made a quite a few waves this year...

Welcome to Metal as Fuck, and thanks for taking part in our review of 2014! Please be so kind as to let us know who you are and what you do.

2014 in Review: Hadal Maw's Rob Brens - "It’s never fun staring at the final price tag at the end of an album production!"

It's been a good year for the Melbourne-based outfit...

Hello Mr Brens, good to have you aboard! Let's get right into it -  Has it been a good year for Hadal Maw? What have you spent the year doing?

2014 in Review: Lord's LT - "Steel Assassins knocked it out of the park!"

One of Australia's iconic metal musicians tells us all about his last 12 months!

Australia has more than it's fair share of heavy metal legends, but they don't come much more legendary than Lord Tim - LT - of Lord/Dungeon fame.