The Fevered (Aus Melodic Death Metal) FREE Debut EP!

The Fevered's debut EP, entitled Vestige, is now available for FREE or an optional donation.

Fozzy return Down Under in December

Fans have waited for half a decade for Fozzy to return to Australia and now their long wait is finally over.

Riot Entertainment have announced the return of Fozzy, starring WWE superstar Chris Jericho and Stuck Mojo front man Rich "The Duke" Ward, to Aust

Gallery: Chimaira @ Billboard (Melbourne), 16 Jan 2010

With Chimaira in absolutely scintillating form, they were greeted by a maniacal, rabid, Melbourne Metal crowd (who were more like a pack of starving sharks circling a kill) ready to tear Billboard down! A classic gig!

Edguy, Cynic, Black Majesty @ Fowler's Live (Adelaide), 5 Jan 2010

Cynic were peaceful; Edguy was enormous amounts of fun. It was a weird-as-hell lineup, but a great show nonetheless, and a fucking brilliant start to the metal year.


Gallery: Lamb Of God @ Festival Hall (Melbourne)

Lamb Of God obliterated all before them. Several notches above their peers - they had the entire Festival Hall in the palm of their collective hands - before putting the squeeze on and killing all before them. This is Metal!