2013 Releases

UK Decay - New Hope for the Dead (Metropolis Records)

Peerless, timeless punk rock for the ages...
Release Date: 
9 Sep 2013 - 11:30pm

A lot of bands these days, and I’m talking here about bands that were at their most vital when I was a mere stripling, are reforming or have already reformed.

Trivium's Paulo Gregoletto: 'Vengeance Falls is the Culmination of Everything We've Been Striving Towards"...

Trivium have released the album of their career to date in Vengeance Falls. Paulo Gregoletto tells us a little about it's conception and execution.

After a seeming eternity of having my ears skewered by muzak as I stand in the early Spring Canberra sunshine, the line goes dead. Marvellous.

Dark Age - A Matter of Trust (AFM Records)

Nice work from these veteran German metallers...
Release Date: 
6 Sep 2013 (All day)

Hamburg veterans Dark Age crash out of the speakers with a track, Nero, that is easily one of the best pieces of melodic metal I’ve heard all year, if not longer; An excit

Crash Mansion: New EP Out Now!

If you're gonna live, you might as well live for something...

Crash Mansion are a five-piece hard rock and metal band hailing from South Essex, UK preparing themselves to embark on their biggest year yet!

Divebomb Records: Off to Bootcamp

Get ready for some short sharp shocks...

This October, Divebomb Records unveils its new series of cult reissues entitled Divebomb Bootcamp.

Kingshifter - 26 Tons (Pavement Entertainment)

It's like Mastodon and Stonesour had a baby.
Release Date: 
3 Sep 2013 (All day)

It’s a Wednesday afternoon and I’ve finally had the time in my busy life to sit down and listen to KingShifter’s newest album release, 26 Tons.  Now

Rawhide: Swedish Death Punk Rebels To Release Full-Length Debut!

Coming out soon on PATAC Records...

Swedish death punk 'n' roll rebels, Rawhide, are pleased to spew forth Murder One, their first proper full-length, via PATAC Records.

Edge of Paradise: East Coast Dates Revealed, Limited Edition EP Release Announced

Just a teaser for the main event...

Edge Of Paradise is gearing up for a string of shows on the American East Coast, bringing their killer new set in an epic live show.

The Answer - New Horizon (Napalm Records)

New Horizon? Old music more like...
Release Date: 
27 Sep 2013 (All day)


Toranaga - God's Gift (Divebomb Reissue)

Slightly pointless reissue alert!
Release Date: 
9 Oct 2013 - 11:30pm

The trouble with a lot of British thrash at the end of the 1980s was that it seemed merely content to ape whatever magazines like Kerrang! told was cool and, more importantly, Amer