2012 releases

Kiss - Monster (Universal Music)

A massive, and very pleasing, return to the glory days of yore...
Release Date: 
8 Oct 2012 - 11:30pm


Weapon – Embers and Revelation (Relapse Records)

Not so simple, not so fancy.

The Canadians are back in the black death metal game again, and this time to score.

Red Bee Launch Debut Album Ictus

A Uniquely Australian Sound of Metal

Hailing from the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia,

Quake the Earth - We Choose to Walk This Path (Inverse Records)

Like hardcore? Like metal? Why not mix the two?! Give this a whirl and tell me it isn't fun...
Release Date: 
23 Nov 2012 (All day)

Metal is always expanding. It’s very hard these days to find something that has never been done before (Design the Skyline – fuck that band) so what is there to do?

Deserted Fear – My Empire (F.D.A. Rekotz)

Run of the mill death metal or another gem of Germanic Music?

Almost every day, people who work with music receive the sound along with the press release, telling us what the band is about.