2012 releases

Dehumanized - An inside look into what fuels the fire...

Dehumanized's George Torres talks albums , Influences and overwhelming reactions from fans.
All I had to see was the word 'Dehumanized' in my inbox and I knew this is the one. The band is back and better then ever with a new album...

Serments: New Album Available on BandCamp

Fancy some French metal? Read on...


As previously announced, Serments, a five-piece rock/metal band from Paris, France has just released its new digital album on Bandcamp.

Wintersun - Time I (Nuclear Blast)

The start to an epic soundtrack filled with oriental elements and vast crescendos.
After six long years of endless delays, Wintersun have released the long-awaited follow-up album to their self-titled 2004 debut album.

Munruthel – CREEDamage (Svarga Music)

The lord of Slavonic lands is back with more tales!

Munruthel, the ex-member of Nokturnal Mortum is back, after the re-release of his third album Эпоха Водолея (Epoch of Aquarius) with a brand new album.

Skeletal Remains - Beyond the Flesh (F.D.A. Rekots)

Morrisound sound. Californian band. Killer death metal album!

Charles Michael Schuldiner, known all over the world by his nickname Chuck was and continues being one of the most revered figures in the history of death metal an

Abstracter - Tomb of Feathers (The Path Less Traveled Records)

Sludge Doom from California.

This debut album of Abstracter, a band formed in Oakland, a city located in Northern California, is a mix of different styles but always keeping up with the American sludge-drone-d

Execration – The Acceptance of Zero Tolerance (Comatose Music)

Brutal attack from Colorado Springs.


There are at least three “Execrations” from USA, this one is from Colorado Springs/ CO, and they practice the vilest form of death metal