Interview with Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil

Bello specchio , dimmi la verità ...

“So what’s it like being a woman in a heavy metal band; it’s a pretty rare thing, no?” I’ve got Lacuna Coil’s vocalist Cristina Scabbia on the phone and...of cours

Brian Posehn: Metal As... No Wait - Funny As Fuck

.....No wait, Metal As Fuck

Metal As Fuck, funny as fuck - Brian Posehn slides easily into both categories.

Metal As Fuck Review Inferno Festival 2016

Inferno Festival 2016 Cracked The Country of Norway...

Mantar's Manno Interview

Sometimes a lack of bass isn't necessarily a bad thing...

Being a bass-fiend, I love the bass but while two-piece outfit Mantar lack the four string that I heartily crave, their sound is thick and fat enough to satisfy.

INFERNO FESTIVAL 2016: Mistur - History Will Not Define Us

"You will not be disappointed with In Memoriam"

One of Norway’s preeminent metal festivals; Inferno Festival has commenced in Oslo this week; Metal As Fuck are on the ground; at the bar, and behind the front lin

Amon Amarth: Making of 'At Dawn's First Light' - Metal As Fuck On Set

It was a clash of the swedish giants – run for your LIVES!

JomsvikingAmon Amarth‘s tenth studio album and their first concept record is scheduled for release on March 25th, 2016 through Metal Blade Records.

Eluveitie: It's All Rock & Roll In The End

"Trying to find Folk musicians that were willing to play in a Death Metal band was virtually impossible"

Lack of sleep is a very real issue in the house

Joel Stroetzel on the new Killswitch Engage album and tour

Positivity personified...

Joel Stroetzel is chilling on his couch at home. He’s enjoying it while he can because next week everything goes mental for Killswitch Engage.


Gorgoroth handed out Sheep heads as souvenirs which caused a bloodied sheep-selfie uproar in the mosh pit.....