Jim Grey of Caligula's Horse: In Bloom

"The thing that I hope people take away from this album is a smile and a heightened heart rate"

Brisbane Progressive metal band Caligula’s Horse are on the eve of releasing their 3rd album Bloom.

Jeremy Spencer for Five Finger Death Punch: No ‘Bad Company'

“We don’t want a bunch of songs that sound the same, we want variety“

You Can Live Just Like A Star‘– the chorus for one of Five Finger Death Punch‘s biggest hits seems to be coming to fruition for the Las Vegas locals and

Living In The Shadows: Aaron Stainthorpe for My Dying Bride

"If the music, and the heart and soul that’s contained within, isn’t bang on, it’s just another music record"

My Dying Bride has currently released an album, shrouded so severely with melancholy it will render you dreary. No amount of endorphins will save you.

Whoretopsy: Australian Made

"Our primary concern with the music is making it noticeable and memorable"

All ours and distinctively Australian is Melbourne’s Whoretopsy.....

Dave Lombardo: Passion That Doesn't Skip A Beat

What I love the most is a drummer who contributes to a band...

To say Dave Lombardo has merely influenced generations of drummers is a gross understatement; the man has institutionalised and revolutionised heavy metal drumming.

The Macabre Romance Continues..... Lindsay Schoolcraft for Cradle of Filth

I would never attempt to fill those shoes, I would never....

The lack of a woman’s touch in Cradle of Filth is similar to missing an arm, I mean, you can function, you just can’t pull off those really gnarly motor skills you once h

Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls (Parlophone)

Massive in all respects.
Release Date: 
3 Sep 2015 - 11:30pm

The sixteenth Iron Maiden studio album. Possibly – though hopefully not – the last.

Fifteen Albums that Shook the Twentieth Century: Lord's Andy Dowling

The affable bassist runs the rule over our list of key albums from the last century...

Welcome back to Metal as Fuck, Andy Dowling! – it’s been a while seen you’ve shared your opinions with us!

Tesseract's Amos Williams: "This is Tesseract - like it or leave it!"

"Every good meal shouldn’t be digested immediately; it should hopefully have you coming back for more"

Tesseract’s new album Polaris is released next month and the band will be here in October for a spot of touring.