Teramaze: Overcoming Obstacles

Unless I decide to introduce the Ukelele....

Australia’s Teramaze are close to wrapping up their first week with the release of the band’s latest triumph Her Halo.

Vince Cavanagh of Anathema Speaks Forth on Gigs, DVDs and Elderly Orchestral Musicians...

"They’re kind of getting on a bit and it wasn’t healthy for them to be out in the baking sun..."

Anathema’s Vincent Cavanagh is chilling in a splendid Brisbane hotel, recharging after the band’s recent Adelaide gig; he mentions the venue was reminiscent of an

Blood Red Throne:

Australian Promoters Take Note and Invite Us Dammit!

Norway's Blood Red Throne are one of the country's best when it comes to straight up, no frills Death Metal and up until the bands 2013 self titled album were an unt

The Devin Townsend Project's - Ryan Van Poederooyen: The Principles

"A lot of musicians basically just want to blow their load on their instrument and play all the crazy shit"

Rehearsals have been going awesome, we have an

At The Gates: A Long Hunger

"We had the hunger to write a new album and it’s evident within At War With Reality”.

When it comes to Melodic Death Metal there are only three bands that come to mind that truly shaped it, who gave it life and tru

Gods of Eden: The New Chapter

"We're looking forward to the next stage"


Jim Grey of Caligula's Horse: In Bloom

"The thing that I hope people take away from this album is a smile and a heightened heart rate"

Brisbane Progressive metal band Caligula’s Horse are on the eve of releasing their 3rd album Bloom.

Jeremy Spencer for Five Finger Death Punch: No ‘Bad Company'

“We don’t want a bunch of songs that sound the same, we want variety“

You Can Live Just Like A Star‘– the chorus for one of Five Finger Death Punch‘s biggest hits seems to be coming to fruition for the Las Vegas locals and

Living In The Shadows: Aaron Stainthorpe for My Dying Bride

"If the music, and the heart and soul that’s contained within, isn’t bang on, it’s just another music record"

My Dying Bride has currently released an album, shrouded so severely with melancholy it will render you dreary. No amount of endorphins will save you.