Wacken Celebrate 25 Years!!

Metal As Fuck takes you down the rabbit hole with some of our favourite bands and their time at Wacken Open Air!

Many heavy metal festivals have come and gone and many are still yet to rise yet there is one festival that extends beyond; one festival that by sheer mention of its name has metal enthusiasts the

Lee Barrett: "Razor and Sacrifice made the type of thrash that I genuinely loved"...

Lee Barrett is perhaps best known as the founder of Candlelight Records, and as being the man who foisted Emperor and Opeth on an unsuspecting World. But he knows a fair bit about thrash metal too...

Hello again Lee, it's good to have another chat with you. I remember being at an awful lot of thrash metal shows in the early and mid eighties, most of which you seemed to be at too.

Thrash? I'll give you thrash...

Quick children, gather round; an old man is talking...

Thrash, you say? I remember when, way back – quite possibly the early eighties – when metal was metal and everything else was shit.

Deprivation's Lachlan Harrison: "Every Time I've Seen Testament Live They Are Perfect"

WELCOME TO METAL THRASHING MAY! To kick off our month-long celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of thrash metal and it's rise to prominence in the metal world, Lachlan Harrison tells us all about his thrash highlights...

Welcome to Metal as Fuck's Metal Thrashing Mad! And an especial welcome to you, Mr Harrison, and thanks for kicking off proceedings!

Epica’s new album The Quantum Enigma will blow your mind, says Simone Simons

Simone Simons is one of the most recognisable women in metal: a vivacious, flame-haired beauty and soprano who has fronted Dutch sextet Epica for over a decade. Now, at just 29, she’s leading Epica into a new era of profound music with their stunning (and of course, epic) new record, The Quantum Enigma.

You could call Simone Simons the epitome of the modern woman as she chats to me from her home in Germany, the first in a bevy of press calls she will be making this morning to talk

My 666 Cents Worth: Life at the Bottom of the Food Chain

MaF editor Scott Adams is fed up...

When I worked in the Merchandise Industry, being on a big tour selling Merch left you in no uncertain terms where you stood in the great scheme of things – right at the bottom.

Vanishing Point: The Light Is No Longer Distant

"Coming into a new band you're always a bit iffy about fans reactions...."

James ‘Bushy’ Maier is the newest addition on guitar for Melbourne power metallers Vanishing Point and bri

Origin: Soon In The Omnipresent

"Origin Are Very Great, It's Like Three Gods & A Vocalist" laughs Jason Keyser

“Hey Metal As Fuck Australia how you doing? You’re doing well?

Art as Catharsis Records: New Hardcore Sampler Available!

Dig in! It's All Free!

Sydney-based record label Art As Catharsis is greatly contented to bring you Distortion and Dissonance: a free digital sampler of Australia's best hardcore bands (with a f

Monster Magnet - King of the North - Arrowhead @ The Hifi Sydney, 04/04/2014

Monster Magnet return to Australia following the release late last year of 'Last Patrol'. Accompanying them as main support for the evening were Melbourne two piece King of the North and local Sydney boys Arrowhead.