Scott Ian on the New Album; Touring and Jazz Extravaganzas...

"Music should be an experience. You need to hear it. You need to feel it. You need to immerse yourself in it."

Anthrax have long been a part of the soundtrack to my existence so it’s a great pleasure to speak to guitarist Scott Ian on behalf of Metal As Fuck

1349: For Hell and Heritage

"The raw essence of the style is important for us to preserve"

The Black Plague that reached the shores of Norway; that sent thousands to the depths of malady is yet to dissipate it seems.

Lagerstein: Raise Your Steins

"I beer-bonged an entire bottle of rum and Tabasco sauce"

Ahoy lads, grab your eyeliner and hide your rum because the crew of the S.S.

Mark Jansen of Epica: Intensity Is Often Refreshing

"It's a matter of intuition"

To walk away unsatisfied after a set from Dutch Symphonic metallers Epica is a fairly uncommon occurrence.

King Parrot: Keep Up & Grab Hold

'And we're like, what a fucking babe'

For all those struggling to keep up with the movements of those rascals King Parrot lately, don’t feel bad, you’re not alone.

Bjorn Strid of Soilwork: A Lifetime of Intensity

"I still love it, sleep can wait"

The momentum for Sweden’s Soilwork<

Buckcherry's Josh Todd on Dildos, Business Loans and Coming to Australia...

"We sign a lot of dicks!"

When I ask how Buckcherry’s vocalist Josh Todd is, he tells me “Low and tight to the right.” – which is odd because to me that just sounds like a description of hi

Part III: Metal As Fuck's Top 10 of 2015

What A Year!

The time has come to wrap up the 2015 Top 10 albums. To put this to bed we have Albert Petersen and Carrie Gibson....


Part II: Metal As Fuck's Top 10 of 2015

Can it get more bleak and desolate than Icelandic Black Metal? I ask you....

My favourite time of year continues, the time where all the Metal As Fuck writers mull over and evaluate the best of the best.

Ill Nino's Cristian Machado on Soundwave 2016 and other sweet, sweet things

The passion is strong in this one...

 Ill Nino’s vocalist Cristian Machado is in California; the weather is cool an