Soundwave: Flemington Park, Melbourne 21-22/02/15

Two Crazy action packed days of scorching heat and music as Soundwave 2015 hits the shores of Melbourne once again!

Of Mice & Men @ The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, 23/02/15

American metalcore outfit Of Mice & Men put on a dynamic and intense performance in Melbourne on Monday night at a Sidewave they headlined as part of Soundwave Festival. Frontman Austin Carlile exuded an energy that was impressive and infectious, delivering incredible vocals while constantly engaging the audience. The band showcased songs from their current release Restoring Force that were evidently crowd favourites and highlights of their 14-song set.

An Attempted Interview With Confession's Michael Crafter

I think my equipment might be playing up...

Sometimes, in the wonderful world of online metal writing, us writers are occasionally placed into situations that require us to behave as if we’re actual journalists.

Marc Hudson from DragonForce; a charming man!

"I can’t be the guy who gets drunk and drinks all the Jagermeister..." Yes, yes you can.

Seeing as I wasn’t granted a press pass for this year’s Soundwave, I ponder why I’m interviewing Marc Hudson from power-metallers DragonForce – th

Apocalyptica: Shadowmakers

"I was like, ok I sort of know this sound, but this band sounds too good!!"

“We are totally at the opposite ends of the world right now Carrie!

Killer Be Killed: Complete Freedom

"Can we just ask Max to yell out ‘Territory’ like just one time"

As I guzzle my third latte for the day I have Greg Puciato

Fear Factory: The Longevity & The Legacy

"If you love the fact that you’re doing it, it makes it a lot easier"

Fear Factory is an institution and not shy of a tonne of hard work.

Papa Roach's Tobin Esperance on Soundwave, Silly Song Titles and Spirituality...

He will be Walkabout Man...

It’s 6:15am on Australia Day. I’m already slicked with sweat from the humidity but where is Papa Roach’s king of bass (and programming, mind!) Tobin Esperance?

The Vandals' Joe Escalante: "Who doesn't like nonsense?"

A new track is coming!

The Vandals are returning to our shores for Soundwave 2015 and they’ll be bringing their delightful brand of East Coast Californian (pop?) punk with them.