Soilwork's Bjorn 'Speed' Strid: The Need For Mystery

You've eaten your porridge, now wash your bowl...

How is Soilwork’s vocalist Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid travelling? He’s “doin’ awesome” – and was, at the time of this interview, in Sweden.

Kampfar at Wacken Open Air 2016: Still More To Grasp

"The audience were singing the lyrics and the guitar riffs, louder than we could hear ourselves on stage"

Norwegian band Kampfar have been captivating worldwide audiences for over 22 years with their powerful mix of Folk music and traditional Norwegian Black metal.

Inquisition: The Quest & The Compass

"The truth is the modern day occult"

“I am here setting up for the show tonight.

Wacken Open Air 2016 'Rain Hail or Shine' In Review

This day is now known as 'Fuck-Eyed' Wednesday....

The great pilgrimage to the Holy Land was finally upon us and for Doom Raider Nikki Hallam it started out at our Wacken Mothers’ house, ten minutes from Wacken, in a great reu

John Campbell of Lamb of God: The Storm, The Stress

"When you tour with people who put forth their best effort for the shows, it's amazing for everyone"

Lamb of God as a band have endured more than most, yet their ability to continuously relate to their fans demonstrates just what a true proletarian band they are; they are the peop

Dave Davidson of Revocation: Great Is Our Sin

Great Is Our Sin is an epic album that recounts a sombre tale of humankind through the ages....

The Boston bread Revocation has released their sixth album, Great Is Our Sin, and it’s an epic album that recounts a sombre tale of humankind through the ages.

Inquisition Premiere New Track "Vortex From The Celestial Flying Throne of Storms"

By the time you've spat that name out, they may have hit Australia!

"Vortex From The Celestial Flying Throne of Storms" is the third track coming off Inquisition's highly anticipated album 'Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond Th

Blood Red Throne: No Exceptions

Let the world burn!

The term ‘old-school’ is thrown around a lot these days; heavy metal bands cling to the ethos of that traditional sound.

Gojira: Soul

"We were just in this bubble full of creativity and freedom".

Gojira; a name that represents so much to so many - be it the groups involvement within environmental activism or the offering of some of the most prestigious music we have seen in

Symphony X: "We Just Let The Music Speak"

In the wake of releasing their ninth studio album ‘Underworld’, longstanding U.S. progressive metal band Symphony X are, for the first time, arriving on Australian shores for two ground-breaking shows this October.

This October, twenty-two years since forming in New Jersey in 1994, iconic progressive metal band Symphony X is bound for Australia.