Steel Panther: Suck My Dick

"Australia was one of the quickest places to embrace us because you guys just get what we do"

Ohh you know them.

A Few Choice Words With Whitechapel's Zach Householder

More groove. Less blasting. The Whitechapel fellows grow up...

No, he doesn’t sound like Bo or Luke Duke but there’s definitely a slight ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ twang to Zach Householder’s accent.

Rob Cavestany of Death Angel: A Firm Grip

"You can turn around at any given moment and the whole thing could disappear"

Death Angel

Lord Ahriman of Dark Funeral: The Souls of Black Metal

"Dark Funeral have never compromised in our music"

1993, what a year - the 1993rd year of the Common Era to be exact.

Heavy Metal Truants: Have You Got A Ticket To Ride?

"You can rehydrate with electrolytes or dehydrate with a beer - the choice is yours"

Heavy Metal Truants came about in a dusty cafe outside of Marrakesh where Rod Smallwood, Manager of Iron Maiden and Alex Milas, E

Fear Factory: Standing The Test of Time

"One thing you need to know about Fear Factory, it’s always date night and always family night”

Reflecting over his day which consisted of over 700 minutes worth of interviews,

Be'lakor: Readying the Vessels

"The album acknowledges how we are pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things..."

Be’lakor can be counted among some of Australia’s most venerated metal exports.

Chronolyth: The Weight

"We won’t ever truly conform to any particular genre"....


Down The Rabbit Hole We Go With Al Jourgensen & Surgical Meth Machine....

“This is the most Aussie album I’ve ever been a part of. It personifies your culture lock stock and barrel; it’s a bunch of people taking the piss out of a bunch of things"

Really, what more can you say about Al Jourgensen’s vibrant persona?? Every side of him has been captured candidly below.

Amon Amarth: It's The Scandinavian Way....

"Twilight of the Thunder God was a big landmark album for me"

Amon Amarth’s tenth studio album; Jomsviking has for a little over a month now been circulating and spinning on the majority of our iPods (or whatever fan