Psycroptic's Dave Haley: Walking the Walk

"At the end of the day I’m there to serve the riff. That’s my job, I’m a glorified metronome".

Dave Haley is one of the most significant figures in the Australian metal scene.

Krepitus: Death Is Our Compass

Hold on to your hats! Calgary death metal band Krepitus have their debut album coming out on 25th November and it's not for the faint of heart!

Calgary death metal band Krepitus have their debut album, Eyes of the Soulless ready for release on November 25th.

Fredrik Larsson of HammerFall: Hammering Dynamic Home

"I think you could say that recording a video is Oscar’s nightmare"

HammerFall are back at it with their 10th studio album, Built to Last.

Anders Fridén of In Flames: I am 100%

"It's stuff everybody can relate to, that we need to feel, to deal with our past, so we can embrace the future".

Swedish pioneers of melodic death metal In Flames are poised to release their twelfth studio album

A Few Words With Vader's Poitr Wiwczarek

Poitr, Peter, Pumpkin/Soul-eater...

My interview with Vader’s PiotrPeterWiwczarek is timely, given Vader’s new album The Empire was released last week –

KK Warslut of Deströyer666: Living In Sin

“Six years does seem like an inordinate amount of time doesn’t it? But I was busy living in sin for much of that time".

Deströyer666, although spawned from Australia, the members of which had jumped continents long ago and from a media perspective were harder to keep track of than the ‘Yeah

Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies & A Ten Step Guide on Not Giving A Fuck What You Think

"I had a novel approach to music and that was do what I like".

Suicidal Tendencies have always been in a league of their own and after thirty five years - considered untouchable and sacrosanct by a community they begrudgingly brought toge

Darkthrone: Striking Like Lightning

“We will tour Canberra extensively from March 2017 til April 2033”

Fenriz Nagell


"Well, when you pass out that’s a pretty good night’s sleep too"

Aside from the familiar constituents; thrash, brutality and groove what else was poured into Testament’s latest album Brotherhood of the Snake?

Meshuggah's Mårten Hagström on 'That Awkward Style of Music'

All we would hear was "stop playing this awkward fucking style of music"

Within the realm of the Swedish born Meshuggah, there are endless possibilities – these djentlemen bend and sculpt and pave their way through a genre that is yet to find its limits