KK Warslut of Deströyer666: Living In Sin

“Six years does seem like an inordinate amount of time doesn’t it? But I was busy living in sin for much of that time".

Deströyer666, although spawned from Australia, the members of which had jumped continents long ago and from a media perspective were harder to keep track of than the ‘Yeah

Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies & A Ten Step Guide on Not Giving A Fuck What You Think

"I had a novel approach to music and that was do what I like".

Suicidal Tendencies have always been in a league of their own and after thirty five years - considered untouchable and sacrosanct by a community they begrudgingly brought toge

Darkthrone: Striking Like Lightning

“We will tour Canberra extensively from March 2017 til April 2033”

Fenriz Nagell


"Well, when you pass out that’s a pretty good night’s sleep too"

Aside from the familiar constituents; thrash, brutality and groove what else was poured into Testament’s latest album Brotherhood of the Snake?

Meshuggah's Mårten Hagström on 'That Awkward Style of Music'

All we would hear was "stop playing this awkward fucking style of music"

Within the realm of the Swedish born Meshuggah, there are endless possibilities – these djentlemen bend and sculpt and pave their way through a genre that is yet to find its limits

Simone Simons of Epica: A Definitive Theory

"Having the five writers adds to the undeniable strength of the band, it makes Epica very diverse".

The holographic principle is a property of string theories and an alleged property of quantum gravity.... You following?

PODCAST: Eicca Toppinen & Mikko Sirén of Apocalyptica at The Metro Theatre, Sydney

Carrie Gibson caught up with Eicca & Mikko during Apocalyptica's 2016 Australian tour

Metal As Fuck chatted with Eicca & Mikko on the latest album Shadowmaker; fighting for identity, versatility and keeping drummers behind curtains.... Enjoy

Juan Brujo of Brujeria: Hacer Brujeria Odio Otra Vez

"Yeah, we don’t do nice things to him in that song"

Wearing a bandana and wielding a Machete was never considered cool unless it was in conjunction with anything Brujeria.

Ross Dolan of Immolation: The Dirt & The Grit

"This scene is where it is at – it is true, it has a force that has been steadily roaring forward for thirty plus years and I’m kind of happy it never had that mainstream appeal"

"Hey is this Carrie? I was expecting you, right on time". I like being right on time – I’m not sure what happens when I’m not...