A chat with Aussie bruisers Decimatus

It's not easy being a fresh new band on the Australian scene, but Decimatus is well on their way to making a real impact. MaF catches up with the group's bassist, Andrew Rondinelli, for a chat.

Fresh from whatever forge is responsible for creating bands of cast-iron, Decimatus is a group that looks set to create major waves in the Australian metal scene.

Canadian Metal Assault - Nordheim

We finish our month-long tour of the Canadian underground in Quebec!

Bonjour mon ami! Er, I’m afraid that’s all the French I’ve got, so for the benefit of our readers, tell us a bit about yourself and your band.

Canadian Metal Assault: Call of the Wild

It's off to Toronto for a chat with a couple of members of the pro-wrestling loving Call of the Wild...

Greetings to you both! Metal as Fuck's readers are reknowned for their fingers being on the pulse, but for those who don't know,  tell us a bit about yourself and your band.

Snap-happy chappy lifts the lid on rock n'roll reality; Before I Hit the Stage's Paul Miles

A new book documenting a year in the life of New York's backstage areas has just hit the streets...

Coffee table books about rock n’roll are nothing new; As I sit writing this I’m looking at a couple on my bookshelf, including one of the daddies of the genre, The Powerage by the metal ph

Canadian Metal Assault: Hellborn Death Engines

Calgary plays host to our latest stop off on our whistlestop tour of the Canadian underground...

Welcome to Metal as Fuck! For the benefit of our readers, tell us a bit about yourself and your band.

Canadian Metal Assault: Among the Betrayed

Richmond, British Columbia is the latest stop on our trip around the Canadian underground...

Greetings Mr Omen - I know who you are, obviously, but please tell our readers a little bit about yourself! "I’m Nikki Omen, vocalist in Among the Betrayed.

Ash Rothschild of Graveyard Rockstars: "I still can’t believe how much fun I’m having and how much I still enjoy it all!''

Shock punk horror rock with fun times and decent tunes...

Lately I’ve been involved with quite a bit of ‘shock rock’ in one form or another and as a result I’d supped my fill of the spookiness that permeates the genre and so I was a tad apprehensive about

Canadian Metal Assault: Valyria

We're off to Alberta for the second in our series of pieces on the Canadian underground metal scene...

Here we are again, in search of new morsels of metal goodness from the great white North... So it's greetings to Valyria! Hello - care to introduce yourself?

A dive to the depths of The Ocean with Robin Staps

MaF chats with the guitarist of inimitable German post-metal collective, The Ocean

The Ocean is one of those bands that manages to consistently meet and defy expectations.

Carcass: From The Trenches to the Summit

"There Was No Shortage of Ideas for Surgical Steel"

In terms of come-backs (as lame as that term is) Liverpool natives and pioneers of extreme metal, Carcass, hands down, take out the gold star.