Journo Lists 2014 Part Four: From far-flung outposts

Our correspondents from Finland and the US conclude our look back at last year's best releases...

Nikky Holmes 

25. Arch Enemy - War Eternal (Century Media)

Journo Lists 2014 Part Three: Letters From the Old Country

Our British-based writers hand out the laurel wreaths this time around...

Ferrum Templor

25. Three Lions - Three Lions (Frontiers)

Journo Lists 2014 Part Two: Musings from Queensland, New South Wales and The ACT...

We continue looking at the picks of the year as heard by our team of writers...

Victor Burton

25. Soulfly - Savages (Nuclear Blast)

Journo Lists 2014 Part 1: The View from Canberra, Goulburn and Brisbane

Our team of writers pick their best albums of 2014...

Scott Adams, Editor

25. Exodus - Blood In, Blood Out (Nuclear Blast)

Metal as Fuck's Top 100 Metal Releases of 2014: Numbers 50-26

As we get closer to the peak, we take a look at our fave albums of 2014 from number 50 to number 26...

50. Sleep of Monsters - Produces Reason (Svart Records)

Metal as Fuck's Top 100 Metal Releases of 2014: Numbers 75-51

Continuing our countdown of all that was good about metal this year...

75. Opium Warlords - Taste My Sword of Understanding (Svart Records)

Metal as Fuck's Top 100 Metal Releases of 2014; Numbers 100-76

Commencing our countdown of the 100 Best Releases of the year...

100. Agalloch - The Serpent & the Sphere (Profound Lore)

99. Coffinworm - IV.IV.III (Profound Lore)

Judas Priest's Ian Hill: 'I must be West Brom's only Fan!"

Breaking the what?!

It’s always nice when you interview a musician who you admire and they turn out not to be a total dick.

Metal as Fuck's Top 25 Australian Metal Releases of 2014

It's been a cracking year for heavy music in Australia - here's what we thought was the cream of the crop!

25. Darker Half - Never Surrender (Own Label)

24. Disentomb - Misery (New Standard Elite)