Backstage with Evil Invaders at Heavy Scotland... Annnnd Free Haircuts

"These guys in the crowd were like ‘Play more, play more’ and I was like Everything is fucked, it's destroyed".

I arrive backstage at Heavy Scotland to meet up with vocalist and guitarist Joe* and Lead guitarist Max Mayhem of Belgium’s oldschool speed-thrash

Backstage with Warbringer at Heavy Scotland...

"I‘m actually a complete pacifist but for a complete pacifist, I can tell you way more about the actions about the Panzer divisions, than most I guess!"

Warbringer are fast becoming one of the hardest hitting thrash metal bands to come out the Californian thrash Metal scene.

L.G. Petrov of Entombed A.D.: ‘We Are The Same Drunken Metalheads As Always.’

“We’re Entombed, just with the ‘A.D.’”

Few individuals have defined their own brand of rocking death metal with

Backstage with Finntroll at Heavy Scotland...

So... how do you put on those ears??

Finland is a place of snow, saunas and er… Anti-Christian Trolls? Stepping out of the misty forests, reciting folklore tales and stories to us are the Finnish band Finntroll.

Inferno Festival - Oslo, Norway 2017

Black Metal dance parties, Metal lasagna, Red Harvest orgasms and Abbath 'Mantrums'... Inferno, you've done it again!

On a midnight flight from hell, I smiled out the window at the sparkling city of Oslo and she smiled right back with a Devilish grin.

Heavy Scotland.... The Aftermath

Vreth takes off his jacket, swings it around his head- like a troll-stripper from the pits and tosses it to his fair maidens...

Edinburgh, Scotland- home to Edinburgh Castle, bagpipes, whiskey, and now also home to one of Scotlands greatest extreme metal festivals, Heavy Scotland.

Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder: Bringing Down The Fourth Wall

American death metal force The Black Dahlia Murder prepare to inflict some Abysmal love upon Australia.

Scarcely has there been a band as renowned for shredding, pulverising and sheer energetic live shows as American death metal force The Black Dahlia Murder.

Metal As Fuck Are On The Ground & So Far, Heavy Scotland Is Heavy!

Buckle up Edinburgh, this ride is gonna be heavy!

Heavy Scotland is the name that has been circulating around the excited Edinburgh metal scene for the last few months and today it is finally here.

Gorguts: Straight From The Bowels of Hell

"In the early 90’s you wouldn’t expect a death metal record to be singing about the birth of the Dalai Lama"

We had seen it all this morning; connectivity issues *shakes fist* pajamas, crumpets; let’s not go there.

Dodecahedron Premiere Full Album 'Kwintessens' via Metal As Fuck

Kwintessens is out today via Season of Mist!

Dodecahedron are very pleased to finally unleash their full musical narrative that is 'Kwintessens'.