The many faces of Hammerfall: metal, My Sharona, and Taekwon-Do

Back towards the end of January I had the fortune to chat with Anders Johansson of Hammerfall about the band's upcoming release No Sacrifice, No Victory - coming out in March this year. The last time I talked to Anders was in May 2008, when they were just heading into the studio to record the album.

Listening to No Sacrifice, No Victory, and comparing it to earlier releases, such as 1998's Legacy of Kings, you can really see how Hammerfall have evolved; their releases are les


SOUNDWORKS DIRECT presents THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, ABORTED and ZEOLITE 'NIGHTBRINGERS' Australian Tour September 21 – 28, 2018 Local Supports Announced!



'NIGHTBRINGERS' Australian Tour September 21 – 28, 2018

Local Supports Announced!

Sevendust - All I See Is War

'All I See Is War' is a catchy, anthemic and thoroughly enjoyable 12th studio release for Sevendust. A follow up to 2015’s 'Kill the Flaw', notches up yet another career highlight for the band.


Zakk Wylde, Black Label Society: The End Is Just The Beginning

"Black Label is twenty years old now - thirty four more to go and we catch the Rolling Stones".

­­­Magnetic is an apt description for the man known as Zakk Wylde, a boisterous fun loving musician who has in

Steel Panther: 73% More Sex

"The people [in Australia] just get us and there really is no limit to the fun. Although I heard that koala’s have a lot of gonorrhea so I’m not fucking one of those again".

Sweat and glitter, the LA lads of Steel Panther just glow - be it due to their fiery nature, their homage to the 80's or the blowey they just recieved back stage...

Inferno Festival 2018, Oslo, Norway

“We’re going to hell for this!”

Seeing as most of Europe was still frozen over, you can bet your kroner

Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy: She Will Rise

Australian tour dates enclosed...

Arch Enemy front woman, Alissa White-Gluz is currently in Australia right now ready to ignite Download Festival in less than 24 hours.

Steve Tucker of Morbid Angel: Angry Gods and a Disgusting World

Now reunited with Morbid Angel, Steve Tucker walks us through the grim wastelands of Kingdoms Disdained.

Heralding from the earliest ages of death metal, Florida-based legends Morbid Angel formed in 1983 and have been one of the

Ihsahn: Dark and Decadent

The mastermind behind Emperor exposes the passion behind his seventh solo album Àmr

After two decades of defining and shaping the contours of black metal as the musical force behind Emperor,

Alexander Backlund of Letters From The Colony: Musical “Omnivores” and Earthy Sounds

In the wake of one of the most successful debuts of the year so far, Swedish progressive metal newcomers LFTC’s vocalist sheds some light on Vignette.

Seldom does a band epitomise the fact that there is always room in metal music for something different like Swedish rising stars Lett