Event Reviews

An evening filled of technicality, southern fried goodness and pure insanity, you say? Sydney's Metro Theatre got that and more as well, and was being torn a new one to boot.
We got worms (snigger).
So. Goatwhore was anticipated to be the star band of the show. Were they? You fucking betcha.
The self-proclaimed “most brutal tour of the year” kicks some serious arse.
Easter Monday, resurrection time!!
The Devy tour was highly anticipated - and was, in fact, a sell-out, which is rare enough for this town. Happily, despite everybody's high expectations, nobody was disappointed.
UK bruisers Malefice bring the noise to the Home Counties.
Devin Townsend is one of those people that brings all kinds of people out of the woodwork, and he didn't disappoint in Sydney.
The original spaceman of rock touring Australia for the first time solo, and quite possibly the first time sober. Nostalgia never sounded so good!
Neverborn launch their third studio effort atop an outstanding lineup of local talent. Fuck we’ve got a talented bunch over here on the West Coast.