Goatwhore - Sandringham Hotel, Sydney 6 July 2012

The Sando Was Fueled With A Scent of Menace....

The night of July 6 started like any other; a bottle of Moscato, the blacks cleaned and pressed, spikes sharp and strapped – yet the night held one difference – the road was to Goatwhore, in the concrete jungle of Sydney.

Goatwhore are known to have harvested their own mutated legion of followers over the years and the legions of Sydney were primed, grimed and ready for full possession by these malicious humanoids bent on harm. All were flexing the devil horns in anticipation for the bands first headlining tour of Australia.

The Sandringham Hotel was fueled with the scent of menace as Sydney based blood suits, Anno Domini kicked off the night tuned to sharp intensity. A severe and valiant representation of What Lies Inside, perfectly setting the aesthetic for this evening of pleasure and pain. The vulgar era was theirs. Anno Domini has held a firm reputation with the hordes of Sydney for years and this night was proof. The band ruthlessly provoking the crowds with astuteness and dangerously amiable riffs, together, tightly honed into a band in full command.

Tasmania’s Ruins were next up, showcasing faith drowning doom. The stage was theirs and theirs alone. Revolutionary, evolutionary; Ruins are what legends are forged from. Nothing could escape the prowess and sheer riff drudgery of this exquisite blend of melancholic seduction. The flavours that come to mind when hearing the sombre sounds of Ruins are that of sequence and havoc. Tasmania has been responsible for creating some of the most heavily acclaimed metal bands in the country and Ruins are a testament to this statement.

The darkness of the Orient; Impiety, re-established to the crowds of Sydney, a craft so venerable, this shrewd three piece presented exactly what blackened thrash is all about, no strike that, they gave the crowds an absolute schooling on thrash. The amount of technique and dexterity exhumed from Impiety created a jaw dropping wave as punter after punter was powerless against it. Drummer Dizazter was anything but, with legs moving to the speed of light and penetrated all the more by every bellow from vocalist/guitarist Shyaithan, as the walls of the Sando began to crack debris. Impiety was a treat to witness and will be spoken about for years to come.  

As the hours climbed the time had come to witness the masters of peril, those scoundrels of old. The crowds at the Sandringham were perspiring sulphur as Falgoust and demon entered the arena. It was not long before the crowds were kicking up the cloven hooves and destroying themselves, others and the venue. The band played a set list of both new and old and gave the crowds exactly what they wanted with a piercing ambience. Goatwhore exploiting the intimate venue to all advantage, and highly appreciated by Falgoust who was clasping horns with any and all he could see spitting the words of Goatwhore like venom. Chants so destructive it was rupturing the structural integrity of the building; the floor of the Sando literally felt like it was going to implode, I held on for dear life and moshed even harder.