Wormrot @ Leeds University (Leeds) May 2nd

We got worms (snigger).

Must confess, when I saw the lineup for Leeds Deathfest, I saw the name Wormrot and thought 'meeeeeeh.' I was unfamiliar with the band at the time, and thought it was just about the most generic name for an extreme metal band ever. The bands on before were called Palehorse and Fukpig too, so I thought more theriomorphic shenanigans would send me to snoozy-land.

As usual though, I was hilariously and horribly wrong.

Put simply, Wormrot were mega. It was a fun festival, but they were clearly the best band there. They came after Hour of Penance, who were basically really dull, so to be confronted with short sharp bursts of grind after some stupid, boring overwrought death metal was brilliant, and pretty bracing.

It was nothing over-complicated. Just three dudes, dressed in nice normal clothes, making a huuuuuuge racket. Vocalist Arif isn't one for stage banter either, preferring a curt 'thank you' or the odd muffled monologue. Instead, he prefers to let the old school grind he and his band make engage in all the dialogue. If I can remember what songs they played I would be happy to recount them in excruciating detail, but alas, I was unable to pick out one burst of noise from the next. This was due to the fact I was a teensy bit tipsy, and actually having fun. For once.

What I will say though is this... they have stage presence in heaps. None of them were ever still (apart from the drummer, but that's to be expected, because if the drummer got up and ran around you'd want to slap him), and sheeeeit they can groove. Arif actually started properly dancing at one point during a particularly vicious bout of blasting. Not just windmilling, actual dancing. It was the highlight of the festival for me (apart from The Way of Purity who were on earlier. That shit was hilarious).

Rather encouragingly there's a hell of a lot of buzz flying around Wormrot (haha geddit? Rot? Buzz? Flies? Grooooooan), and from what I saw it was well deserved. In fact, as I write this review now, I am listening to the album Abuse, and it's well worth you picking up.

Need any more convincing? I liked them so much I bought a t-shirt. If I go to rock club with that on I'll be drowning in grind poon.