Cog, Oceansize @ Selinas - Coogee Bay Hotel (Sydney), 13 June 2009

For a chilly Saturday night, Selina's at Coogee Beach Hotel was the place for the local rock punter to be as Australia's Cog and special guests, Manchester's Oceansize, delivered a live spectacle that had to be seen to be believed.

First up, Melbourne's Calling All Cars really got the crowd going, there were definately a few people there to watch their set, what they got was an energetic, fast paced heavy pop punk performance.

Frontman / Guitarist Haydn Ing was all over the stage like a grinning madman, grinding out riffs from left to right; but he also threw in some theremin action - Jimmy Page style. The rhythm section of drummer James Ing & bassist Matt Lonergan were tight and hard hitting; with songs like Soldier On & Not Like Anybody , these guys really proved why they are rising up in the ranks of Australia's live music scene and getting supports with bigger bands. Their debut album is going to be out soon: make sure you check them out if they come to your town.

Manchester's own Oceansize hit the stage not too long after, and they put on such an amazing performance. You could see the band were chuffed to bits that they were actually playing in Australia and so were quite a few members of the crowd.

These guys sent the crowd on a musical journey. At times it went from beautiful, serene ambient style passages to intense, heavy riffage. The band covered a little bit of everything from their albums - Effloresce, Everyone Into Position and Frames - that would have made some fans who have been waiting for ages to see the band live very happy indeed.

You could hear so many different bands and influences in their material ranging from Radiohead all the way up to Dillinger Escape Plan.

Peformance wise, the band pulled it off perfectly, almost album-like. Drummer Mark Heron was one of the hardest hitters I have ever seen, bassist (and at one time, a fourth guitarist) Steven Hodson rocked the low end, guitarists Steve Durose and Richard "Gambler" Ingram excecuted their parts perfectly and weaved in and out with each other with their textured guitar sounds, and frontman / guitarist Mike Vennart put the icing on the cake with his beautiful vocal work and tasty lead guitar passages.

's performance justified their standing to their Australian fanbase. Let's hope for a return visit.

Not long after, one of Australia's hardest touring bands came and gave what the majority of the crowd wanted. That, my friends, is Cog.

Kicking off with Doors, the vibe and energy coming from the crowd was at an all time high, it seemed everyone was singing along which was very cool.

Performance-wise, as this was pretty much their hometown show, I think it was that one little bit better than most others. The band were firing on all cylinders, Lucius Borich proved why he is lauded as one of Australia's premier drummers, with almost clockwork precision and execution; bassist Luke Gower was a ball of energy, really getting into the groove, whilst being the musical anchor for all that was floating around; and the man with the toughest job, Vocalist / Guitarist Flynn Gower did an excellent job as always.

Song-wise, that's where it was a bit lacking: there is still too much emphasis on 2008's Sharing Space. It seemed like they nearly played the whole album! It would have been nice to hear a bit more of The New Normal material; three songs in Resonate, Doors and Silence Is Violence were still not enough, and it was cool to hear a song for the old school fans, Just Visiting's Moo.

However, even if there is too much material from Sharing Space, the songs are great live, especially The Movie's Over, Are You Interested & How Long.

A cool fact about this show is that there were a few video cameras around for all three bands, so there is a possibillity that this show might turn up on a DVD or on some other medium, time will tell.

All in all, Cog know how to put on one hell of a show, and the majority of the crowd would have walked away satisfied, Oceansize were mindblowingly excellent and Calling All Cars did an excellent job, a good night was had by all.