Silent Memorial

Silent Memorial – Cosmic Handball (Limb/Riot)

Silent Memorial’s second album Retrospective, released earlier this year, was a solid slab of 80s hair metal/AOR disguised as prog rock, and it certainly seems to have garnered plenty of good reviews (mine included). With the success of Retrospective the band has let their first album Cosmic Handball, originally released in 1998, have its turn in the spotlight; but the lights might just be a little too bright for this slice of Euro-prog metal.

From the very start of Cosmic Handball you get the feeling that the boys from Silent Memorial feared they might not ever get into a recording studio again.

Silent Memorial – Retrospective (Limb/Riot)

Swedish outfit that tote the line ‘prog rock’ but don’t let that or the balding heads fool you – this is basically good 80s hair metal/AOR but with a lot more maturity.

Think Steve Vai era Whitesnake or Malmsteem era Alcatrazz, hell even those good moments that Journey pulled out, or any of those good AOR bands th