Meshuggah's Marten Hagstrom on Soundwave, Music and All Things Heavy

Does the music press give you the shits?

Marten Hagstrom, Meshuggah’s rhythm guitarist, is freezing his nuts off in his home town of Arken, in the north of Sweden (at least that what it sounds like,

Bloodstock Open Air - Day 1: Bloodstock II: Electric Boogaloo

Yeah, Gorlock went back to Bloodstock again. Fuck knows why.

I was all set to give Bloodstock a wide berth this year, because for the last year or so, I've realised that I can't really be scuttered with the vast majority of metal.

Meshuggah - Alive (DVD) - Nuclear Blast/Riot

Chances if you are a fan of the legendary Swedish metal quintet Meshuggah, you have been waiting anxiously for a DVD release for some time. Well, your patience has finally been rewarded in the latest release Alive.

In today's music scene, many bands are putting out live DVD releases and can be some what of a highly financial and time consuming project for a band to undertake.

Meshuggah - Alive (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

It's a DVD, but forces conspired to send me the audio part of the package only. Oh well. I could listen to this and watch one of the films I got for christmas instead. Death Race or Home Alone 2?
Release Date: 
8 Feb 2010 (All day)

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Meshuggah, It Dies Today & Whitechapel - Soundwave sideshows

The crushing triple bill of Meshuggah, It Dies Today and Whitechapel will be performing 2 club shows only!


Soundwave Festival (Australia) 2010

Metalheads around Australia will likely be blown away by the announcement that Anthrax is joining the Soundwave lineup.
Tour Dates: 
20/02/2010 - 01/03/2010