Disturbed Albums up for grabs!

Get on the ol' email transmission device and win!

Today (November 11th) sees the release of The Lost Children from US Metal titans Disturbed.

Tank - War Machine (Metal Mind)

To paraphrase someone very famous - they've been a long time coming but they're here at last...

Veteran British rockers Tank, as you&rsq

Disturbed - Asylum (Warner Music)

What! Disturbed aren't Metal as Fuck! But if it's on Metal as Fuck, isn't it Metal as Fuck by definition? Oh, this Aristotelian way of thinking is so confusing!

Okay – if you’re reading this you’re probably here to scoff and piss all over my metal credentials for writing this review.

Disturbed San Diego Concert Competition!

Two lucky Aussies will be flown to San Diego to see Disturbed's September 18th show. What are you waiting for?

Yeah, you read right. You've been given the opportunity to see Disturbed play live in San Diego on September 18th, as well as hanging out backstage with the band afterwards!

Disturbed - The Sickness (10th Anniversary Edition) (Warner)

Love them or hate them, Disturbed's debut album The Sickness is 10 years old and has been reissued, remixed and remastered for its anniversary.

When it comes to a band like Disturbed, you either love what they do or vehemently hate them, but the fact that they are successful and are still around making albums, cannot be de