The Red Shore

The Red Shore sign to Roadrunner Records AU

The beleaguered Australian technical death metal band ink a deal with the Australian arm of the metal superlabel.

Australia's The Red Shore have signed a new deal with the Australian arm of Roadrunner Records, hot from the release of their new record.

Against the Grain V, with festival founder Lee Gardiner: bigger and more diverse than ever

Just recently we caught up with Lee Gardiner, one of the founders of Adelaide's Against the Grain festival (and vocalist for Adelaide band Double Dragon), to talk about this year's event, its history, and what the future looks like. There are BIG plans afoot.


The Red Shore - Lost Verses (Stomp)

Following their crushing debut album Unconcecrated, The Red Shore have recorded Lost Verses - an album containing new versions of their older material, to please old fans and to introduce them to new fans.

Being a diverse music listener, I have always tried to listen to all types of metal, I stumbled upon The Red Shore just after the release of their debut album, 2008's Unconcecr