I Knew At That Point, It Was Rock & Roll Forever...
Ronny Munroe and Jeff Plate of Metal Church give Metal as Fuck an insight on their reunion shows on 70000tons of Metal, a new album and getting ready to bring their music back to the world.
Pies. Beer. And many tours...
We've Set A Date!
UK based Melodic Thrash/Death metal band Sylosis have risen from near obscurity in the past five years to touring with some of Metal's biggest names. Now they're heading down-under for the first time.
DragonForce are finally making it back to Australia. Herman Li gave Metal as Fuck an insight into what we can expect, and what the last few years have brought the London-based metal band.
US Tour? How did that leak?
Edge Of Attack might be newcomers to the metal scene, but don’t let that fool you, they are primed and ready to unleash their hellacious album on to the world.
The new album, sausage parties and touring in Australia...
"Hot Women Should Bring Me Weed..."