Psycroptic: No Excuses

It's already paying off....

Dave Haley of Australia’s number one metal export; Psycroptic was frantically trying to get a coffee into him over a massive morning of interviews last week to promote the self titled, 6th album that dropped last Friday. When asked about his expectations of the release Dave insists that it hasn’t come into his thought process as much as one would expect, however he clarifies that it’s always a great feeling to have new material out “Playing new material is always very exciting for us, over time the same songs can get a bit monotonous whilst touring. The new album showcases as to where we are as a band right now”. Psycroptics latest material has in fact streamed to the public prior to its release and is being eaten up by fans. Associated with the release date is the new film clip for the album’s featured single Cold. “The response so far has been great with both the live streaming of the album and the clip, it has all been super positive. Some have even noted it’s our best album yet. It’s weird though because it was all finalised back in August and we have been sitting on it, waiting, waiting, waiting. So now the new songs are old songs [Laughs] but the feedback has been amazing”.

It’s been mentioned previously that the recording of this album was more focused. Can you elaborate as to what specifically had you more focused and where was the focus directed? “The focus was in terms of our song writing skills, creating songs rather than just throwing a bunch of riffs together and hoping they work. I’m not saying that this was what we have done in the past but to some degree we hadn’t focused on the song writing as much as we have on this album, we had a lot more pre-production this time around and a rather extensive editing process which helped us polish the songs from start to finish”. What was catalyst behind this focus as opposed to other albums? “Over the years we have been increasing our skills as musicians, we are now a lot more meticulous with the material and being that we record in our own studio it gave us the ability to spend more time on the material. We wanted to be fully satisfied with the result”.

This is the band’s debut album as recent signings to Prosthetic Records and farewelling Nuclear Blast - this album is definitely a new era for Psycroptic? “Indeed. It all comes down to what direction you want to take, we had a two album contract with Nuclear, which was cool; It's a great label but when you are on such a big label it is very easy to be forgotten about. There were a few elements we weren’t happy with so when it came time to speak with Nuclear and discuss our plans they were very supportive of our decision. Thus far Prosthetic has really stepped up to the plate, we’re covering a lot more ground and we’ve actually done more interviews for this album than any other in the past”. Well this raises a good point as I don’t believe I’ve done an interview with you guys before. New ground! “Excellent, its already paying off” [Laughs]

This is album number six for Psycroptic “Yeah that sounds about right” Dave chimes in. So with that comes many years of success and acquiring invaluable skills, so looking back at the bands career, where would you place Psycroptic in the hierarchy of Australian metal? Pretty deep for 9.30 in the morning, hey Dave “Yeah I haven’t had my coffee yet [Laughs] Ok, well we’ve always been a band that does what they love. We have always had a very strong DIY influence and try to be hands on with every element involved, whether its deciding on the artwork, producing the album (we have our own studio as I mentioned earlier) even down to printing of our own merch; we now have our own printing company, so all the business aspects we try to be DIY and I guess this proves how we view everything else around the band. In the hierarchy I don’t know, it’s always in a state of flux – we’ll always be there doing what we do, we’ve never been influenced by trends or changes in the ‘scene’, we don’t really feel part of any scene, we just float around and do what we do, we don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about what we do. We’ve always taken pride in and are very appreciative of our support from family and fans, which is paramount”.

Getting more into the DIY aspect of the band, being that you have been with a label for the past three Psycroptic albums and that you’re responsible with recording and production how much give and pull is there? Are you able to dictate your release date for instance or is that something that would just happen in a perfect world, with rainbows and kittens and Dethklok really did rule the world? Yeah that’s more in a perfect world however we are able to negotiate bits and pieces, in the end, in some degree it is accepted to fit inside the release schedule, I mean everyone is aiming for the one goal but it is the realm of the label to ultimately release and promote an album, that’s what they do, that’s what they're good at, so we always take their advice on board, they’ll tell us straight up if something’s a fucking dumb idea [Laughs]. Everyone in the project has their own skill set so we take it all onboard”.

The writing process for a Psycroptic album; does it remain stringent with each album, keeping the same method or do you like to shake it up a bit? “We always shake it up, this last process was pretty different – we recorded it over two recording sessions which is something we’ve never done before, we did a lot more pre-production and jamming of the album, it wasn’t unusual for us this time to jam the album for an hour to see if there were any parts missed, parts that could be improved and what not, so we are always trying to take the approach differently and this aids us to put something new out each time, if you look at our history, it’s a different release each time. The same approach makes the same material”.

Alongside the release, Psycroptic are touring nationally now with Goatwhore and it’s shaping up to be quite a tour “The tour is going to be killer, we love Goatwhore, we’ve been mates for a long time. We have made sure that the entire tour has a monster line-up which includes killer Australian bands to put together the ultimate line-up in the end and also making sure that the ticket prices are reasonable so everyone can afford to come. Every band involved in this tour is a legit headlining act, so there is no excuse not to come to a show!”.