That one time at…Brewdle’s Bandcamp Besties!

We continue our kick around Bandcamp by highlighting five releases that have grabbed my attention since the last of these dribbles of mine. I’ve tried to cover a variety of styles so there’s something for everyone. Remember, all of these are available free for streaming, or you can download the albums for a modest fee. Get on board and support the bands and labels that are supporting you by providing their music on the Bandcamp platform.

Doomed & StonedThe Enchanter’s Ball (Second Anniversary Compilation) – sampler (released 14 July 2015 through Doomed & Stoned)

Why don’t we start this month with a freebie! This is an excellent sampler highlighting 32 doom, stoner, proto and psych bands fronted by awesome ladies. There’s a lot to love on this, Limb to Limb smash out a blues drenched rocker in Demon Waltz, Bronco deliver Hazy Lies with Sabbath like doominess, Mexico’s The Mother Morphine absolutely storm through a very cool stoner tune called Black Rose featuring a cool sax solo and flourishes of brassy goodness throughout, Melbourne’s Winter Moon fire on all cylinders when they punch out Black Heart in all its folky metal goodness.  But the highlight for me is probably the cover of Sabbath’s Children Of The Sea by Edge Of Paradise, they do the original justice in every way!

You’d be mad not to add this to your collection, not a bad tune on it, 32 strong women and their supporting crews showing that they can deliver just as well as any bloke out there. 

(32 tracks, name your price, digital)


TrialsThis Ruined World (released 24 July 2015)

There’s a lot of thrashy, deathy goodness going on with this release by Trials. The Chicago based four piece deliver a brutal nine tracks across This Ruined World, splashing their tunes with nods to bands like Pantera, Testament and Slayer and delving into the odd prog styling throughout. This is Trials third full length release and the band is absolutely on fire, they’ve found their groove and are excelling in the delivery of their art. There’s not a bad tune on this but my highlights are the opener Truth Defiled and Disgraced and Erased.

If you love it also check out the digital EP Don’t Believe The Word that the band released as a teaser for This Ruined World, it includes a cover of Strapping Young Lad’s Far Beyond Metal and will only set you back one US dollar.

(9 tracks, $7 (USD) digital, $10 (USD) CD)

Witching AltarRide With The Devil (released 6 August 2015 through Soul Erazer, TheMetalVox, Nuktemeron and Odicelaf)

This one has a little bit of a bastard child of White Zombie and Type O Negative vibe, it’s doom soaked and should be listened to after donning your hooded robes and goat skull pendants. This was actually recorded in 2012 but hadn’t seen the light of day until some Brazilian labels contacted the band to make it happen. Witching Altar is the child of T.Witchlover (Beast Conjurator, Seven Candles, ex-Stormblood) and Peter Vitus (Seven Candles, ex- Preatcher, ex-Electric Mooker). It’s all pretty heavy down tuned slabs of riffs with the occasional Moog type flourish. The album includes two covers, Cromwell by Reverend Bizarre and Living Backwards by Saint Vitus. It’s a more than solid album and is not going to break the bank so what are you waiting for, follow the link and check out these occult focussed tunes, what have you got to lose? Your soul!

(9 tracks, $4 (USD) digital

Gnaw Their TonguesAbyss Of Longing Throats (released 7 August 2015 through Crucial Blast)

Abyss Of Longing Throats is the soundtrack to all your nightmares, every single one of them, all those bastard dreams you’ve had over your life time are captured in these nasty dirty and downright unnerving tunes.  Personally I’m not a huge fan of the genre but Gnaw Their Tongues disturbed me enough I thought they thoroughly deserved the shout out.  If you’re into industrial black metal then these blokes will already be on your radar, if you’re not but want to shit yourself then let it rip, give em a go, you might just have discovered your new favourite thing . 

(7 tracks, $9.99 (USD) digital)

WargasmUgly ((re)released 8 August 2015)

Many may have thought that Wargasm had slipped into obscurity years ago, but they’d be wrong and thanks to the wonders of the internet, rabid fans and a desire by the band to never give up Wargasm has celebrated their 25th anniversary by remastering (handled by Wargasm guitarist Rich Spillberg) and releasing a digital copy of their massively underappreciated second album Ugly. Originally released in 1993, this slab of thrashing goodness sounds even better than these tired old ears remember it sounding. Who needs someone to ‘wrest the mantle’ from the old metal gods when there was so much great stuff released back in the day that remains undiscovered by the last couple of generations? Give it a bash, you’ll love it!

(10 tracks, $8.99 (USD) digital

Stereo NastyNasty By Nature (released 8 August 2015)

Yeah so it’s a naff name that brings to mind some eighties boy band (or maybe some of those hair bands we all loved to hate, I’m looking at you Danger Danger) but these four Irish lads actually pedal a pretty cool traditional style of heavy metal. Think the ‘cheesiest’ metal moments of Kiss, Dio, Accept, Krokus and Rough Cutt mixed with a dash of their own soul and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what Stereo Nasty are going to deliver. It’s resplendent with gang choruses, power chords, thumping rock steady bass, harmonised guitar and soaring vocals. Nasty By Nature (maybe it’s an inside joke, I just don’t get it, even the album title sounds like it was released by Take That or Trouble Tribe) will only cost you about a fiver, and if you’re a fan of traditional horns up metal and eagerly awaiting the release of Book Of Souls then this might tide you over until the new Maiden drops. It’s not going to set the world on fire, it’s basically a solid album with a couple of killer moments, but keep in mind they will only get better with support, so dig in your pockets and throw some coin at Stereo Nasty, it’s about the cost of a cup of coffee ffs, and in twenty five years’ time we could be eagerly awaiting their Book Of Souls

(10 tracks, €4.99 (Euro), digital)