An Interview with 25% of Possession

Wooden email questions aside, there's plenty to discuss with *insert unpronounceable name*

I would like to thank Possession's drummer Pz.Kpfw for taking the time out to respond to the following questions.

How did the band form?
"Possession was born in December 2012. All members were involved in different bands and projects but none of them were going somewhere interesting. At some point, we all decided to quit these useless projects and start something new and meaningful for us, as we had and still have a lot of tastes and visions in common. At the first rehearsal, we were definitely convinced that we were able to create something filled with the black magic we worshipped and still worship in the band." So what is it about old school black metal that the band enjoys so much? "We don't like to call our metal “old school” because using this term is admitting that there is a “new school” in metal. We deny this fact and we refuse to accept such a thing in our conception of metal. With Possession's music, we play black/death Metal the way we consider it should be done." Damn straight, I say.

So who are some of your influences, and who are you listening to right now? "V.Viriakh (Bass/Vocals) and I.Dveikus (Guitars) are more into black & death Metal while Mestema (Vocals) and I are more into 80's thrash, speed & heavy metal, though all of Possession's members share a passion for bands like Archgoat, Impaled Nazarene,  South American 80's and early 90's black and death metal. Lately I'm listening to some LPs I recently scored like RuthlessDiscipline of Steel, HexxUnder the Spell, MatakopasComing Out Ahead, Genocide (Nippon)Black Sanctuary"

When writing, do you prefer the shorter format or a longer track in order to explore a particular theme? "So far in the band's history, we tried out both ways of writing songs: short format for the His Best Deceit demo and Anneliese7, and longer and thematic songs for the 1585 – 1646 MLP. We are really pleased by the result on the last release but we don't know which way we're going to take for the next one so far."

So when can we expect a full length album and in which direction will it go?" I can already tell you that Possession's next release will not be a full length, as this is not a format we feel like we're going to use right now. We'd rather go on with short and intense releases than losing the rage, anger and hate on a long and boring full length like a lot of bands do these days. Concerning the direction of the next release, things are still under discussion within the band." An interesting stance, I'm sure readers will agree.

What are the band’s touring plans? "No touring plans so far as we'd rather play one gig per month than touring and playing in front of 25 people in shitty venues in the middle of the week. However, some gigs are planned so far : CHAOS RITVAL in Switzerland (25 - 26 of September) with Pentacle, Mortuary Drape, Deathcult, and EVIL PREVAILS in France (6 – 7 of November with, among others, Necrowretch."

I read an interview where the band likened a live performance to ritual (eg the stage as an altar etc); could you expand on this? "We are really serious about our rituals and we want each of them to be an intense, chaotic but also atmospheric experience. Candles, altar, blood and incenses help us to reach that state and to open the gates in order to show the demonic face of Possession." That's some heavy shit, right there. These fellows take their black voodoo exceedingly seriously.

Right time for quick-fire questions:
Which do you prefer; the writing/recording process or touring and playing live? "Obviously, both are essential for us."
Can we expect to see some more work centred around Anneliese Michel? "As we like to change the thematics of all our releases, we will not write any more songs about Anneliese Michel."
What are some of the ideas and themes that you draw upon when writing? "Our thematics are demonical possessions, medieval darkness, witchcraft and Satan."
Do you hang out in churches and graveyards very often (eg – taking the whole black metal aesthetic especially seriously) or do you embrace the aesthetic without the need for sacrificing chickens etc (eg – you have a preference for the black metal aesthetic without taking it overly seriously)? "The black metal path was written by the pioneers a long time ago and Possession aims to respect it as it should be. Plus we all share the same spiritual beliefs in the band but we agreed that interviews were not the place to express them." Hmmm, this seems like an interesting topic to explore in an actual real-time interview...
Do you think that sometimes black metallers take things a bit too seriously and perhaps go a bit too far? "No."
Where would you like to see Possession in three years’ time? "Still writing songs and playing rituals ad majorem Sathanas gloriam." - that's 'To the greater glory of Satan' to you non-Latin speaking readers (albeit with slight grammatical imperfections...).
Is there a strong metal scene (black or other) in Belgium? "The Belgian Metal scene, and Belgian bands, mostly suck. But there are a few underground bands I would recommend: Emptiness, Maleficence, Saqra's Cult, Slaughter Messiah, Gae Bolga, Pox, Horacle."

Thanks again to Pz.Kpfw for answering the questions. I look forward to a proper talk at some point in the future.