Envenomed: Wrapping up National Tour, release new Video Clip...

"What’s a tour without silly fart jokes?"

Anthony Mavrikis has no regrets plucking Envenomed back from the shelf, where it had quietly sat for quite a number of years as Anthony went down other musical paths. The hiatus has paid off, as Envenomed has taken on a new formation. Introducing new styles and innovative approaches to one of the oldest metal genres out there... Metal As Fuck caught up with Anthony to not only discuss this hiatus and the positives it has had for the band but life on the road with mates Decimatus over the last couple of months.   

Envenomed have released their debut album; Evil Unseen. Critics are abuzz with the material, so what new elements did you incorporate to really make it stand out? “The mixture of different influences over time gave it a lot more intensity and depth. I am a huge fan of the old school Iron Maiden, Metallica and Megadeth - Those styles are present throughout the album”.

The debut is basically the planting of the seed, in a sense for a band so what has the debut album revealed about Envenomed? “It establishes the sound of the band, although we have been around for a good ten years, the band was shelved for a number of years as I had other musical commitments. Once I picked up Envenomed my past influences began to fire out, the writing had come full circle and we were now at a new level with Envenomed. There was an edge there and we had found ways to innovate the genre and really make it our own”. In terms of recording, did the band face any challenges throughout the process? “Well, there are always challenges whilst recording [Laughs] it’s a gruelling process. We recorded it all ourselves with a lot of support from friends and associates so it came together very well. We spent the time to ensure we got everything right..... Although we made room for the important things like a bar in the studio, [Laughs] Which came in handy”.

Where do you like to push the envelope in terms of sound for Envenomed? “It’s a difficult question to answer and it all depends on what you consider pushing the envelope, we tried hard to get in all the pre-production and song arrangement so everything flowed, your thrash songs, your insanely fast thrash songs [Laughs] and that one slow one ....for the ladies”. [Laughs]

Each genre of music comes with its struggles of course, so what would you say is the biggest struggle the band face, or bands within the genre face at this point? “Being in a band is like being married to four or five different guys at the one time; putting up with each other’s shit, ups and downs. I’ve found that can be a great struggle, you need a good commitment from everyone involved, ambition and that one goal, I feel this keeps us progressing forward. Another struggle is the live show, making sure you get the punters through the door, and actually once I think about it – we probably shouldn’t have scheduled this tour through winter [Laughs] no one goes out in the cold. Honestly though, the live show is very important - this involves making sure you have a great line-up that has the fans salivating and scrambling through the door”.  

The band is about to wrap up a national tour with mates Decimatus - how has it all been going? “It’s been going really well, we're just about to wrap it up. The idea for the national tour had been in the works since last year; once Evil Unseen was released and we wanted to book a tour – you know, new album, want to get out and play it! Due to some last minute finishing touches on the album we missed the opportunity to tour last year. The choice of bands to tour with is always a tricky decision. We knew that the boys from Decimatus were sitting on an album that was about to be released and we just got on the wire and pitched the idea. “Geez its funny you ask, because we were about to call you for the same reason” says Andrew Rondinelli [Bass – Decimatus] so I guess it was just destiny. [Laughs] It’s been great on the road with the boys, with all the silly fart jokes and other nonsense, but seriously what’s a tour without silly fart jokes?”.   

To celebrate the end of their national tour, Envenomed have issued a splendid new video, which you can see below!