Immension Rising - An interview with Jake Kearsley

Immension are fast emerging, with their sophomore EP 'The Enemy Within' being released on 12th August.

The unsigned UK metal scene is rife with bands that want to be the new Maiden, or the new Sabbath. Sheffield quatro Immension's aim is to just make it. With a mixed bag of pace, harmonies, melodies and finely woven guitar pieces, their new EP The Enemy Within is exemplary of many young bands, the only difference being that the sound appears much more organised than many of its far more raw unsigned colleaagues. To establish this, singer and vocalist Jake Kearsley admits 'we have refined [the tracks], and made changes since they we're first written. We have become a much better band since we started and my song writing has also stepped up massively.' Songwriting that has improved since their critically acclaimed self-titled debut EP, already Immension appear to be utilising all of their two years with their current line-up. 

Two years then, and soon to be two EP's. The natural progression of any metal band is to consider that major milestone, the debut album. 'An album is definitely the next step, we just need to secure the correct backing to make that happen. The material is all there, some of it needs putting together.'  'This EP is definitely a showcase of our best material and a perfect introduction to the sound we're pushing. It has the ability to do well press wise. I'd like to think people who are waiting for Metallica to make Master of Puppets or Ride The Lightning again, checks us out and decides they dont need to wait anymore!'

Not bad aspirations, but altogether a different ball park, when these lads can't seem to tour outside the north of England, 'we want to play everywhere' promises Jake. 'But we have been finding it difficult getting the shows, knowing the right people. Something we hope to do around planning the album is secure management and booking agents to take the live part to the next level'

A touring favourite has to be the slamming 'In The Dead of Winter', featuring some hypnotically descriptive vocals and neck pulsating guitars, it's a fantastic track, apparently inspired by watching Band of Brothers. 'The two episodes about the Battle of Bastogne I found particularly poignant, and thought I might like write some lyrics about it. When the music came about it felt like a great match to me, I loved the imagery the title suggested. I like to write about things that are meaningful. I want people to understand the emotion in the song.'

Immension are exemplary of the unsigned band, hard working, heaviliy influenced but in this case throwing in a great chunk of originality, these fellas are working through all the frustration hoping for to catch any well deserved break 'We normally have no problem winning a crowd over whatever style of rock/metal they're into.' Boasts Jake, before concluding 'We are doing well, I'm still not happy, we need more! We need everyone to be aware of our band!'

So with MaF's blessing; Immension - Sign em up!

The Enemy Within lands August 12th check out Immension on their Facebook page here.